What I Watched In 2020 || Wrap Up â™¥


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  • https://getinformed.carrd.co/ This is an incredible carrd with information and resources about many of the issues the world is going through right now!
  • I find Twitter an extremely useful tool in finding information about these injustices and ways to help. As well as Change.org for petitions!

Overall, in 2020 I managed to watch 62 things! Two were re-watches and then I felt like watching one of the re-watches again… Does that make sense?

Anyway, ignoring my bad English skills (despite that being my only language), I’m going to go through what I watched each month. Some months I watched a lot and some I watched maybe 1 or a couple of things. 2020 turned into a completely different thing than was expected and honestly, I would have been happy just watching a handful of things considering we’re in a global pandemic and mental health does not go well with that.

If you’re upset or disappointed in how much you wanted to watch or how little you accomplished in 2020, remember that you saw it through and that’s something to be proud of! ♥

January + February

The first drama I completed in 2020 was The Fiery Priest, which was both hilarious and intense. I loved Kim Nam Gil and Lee Honey in this ♥ It’s also a special drama to me because it’s the only one my dad has ever watched with me. I then watched the four films:

  • Exit (K-Film)
  • So I Married My Anti-Fan (Chinese Film)
  • Girl Cops (K-Film)
  • Confidential Assignment (K-Film)

These were all for my Idol Actors: SNSD challenge. My favourite was EXIT, which stars Yoona and Jo Jong Suk as two characters reunited during a terrorist gas attack in this disaster comedy. It was so funny, but had some really tense and heartfelt moments.

In February, I only watched one thing and that was the Korean web-drama Gogh, The Starry Night with SNSD’s Yuri. This wasn’t great and I wouldn’t really recommend it.


In March I watched the first series of Kingdom, a Zombie sageuk starring Bae Doon and Joo Ji Hoon. It’s absolutely stunning and the zombie actors were phenomenal! I then kept seeing the Japanese drama Love Lasts Forever on my twitter and checked it out. The drama follows a clumsy, yet determined nurse who strives to be better at her job and steal the heart of a stern doctor. Sakura was incredibly endearing and I loved her ♥

I then watched the Kdrama Suspicious Partner. This stars Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun who are prosecutors. This was such a fantastic drama and I highly recommend it, the acting was wonderful!

This month I felt like watching Together With Me, a Thai drama, which kicked off my Thai BL Bingo Board challenge – which is why you’ll see so many in the following months. Together With Me isn’t the best drama, objectively it’s kind of bad, but Max and Tul’s chemistry is perfection! The second Thai bl of this month was TharnType, another drama that’s kind of problematic and angsty, but the chemistry between Mew and Gulf is also very good!

The TharnType Special: Everlasting Love had already come out by the time I’d finished the series which meant I could immediately watch it. The special was good and I liked that some of the loose ends of the drama got tied up.


In April I watched 10 dramas! 9 were Thai dramas and the 10th was a Korean Web Drama.

  • Sotus
  • The Best Twins
  • My Tee, The Series
  • Sound of Your Heart: Reboot (Korean web-drama)
  • Sotus S
  • Our Skyy
  • 2Moons
  • Make it Right
  • Make it Right 2
  • 2moons2

Sotus is one of my favourite comfort dramas, and it was lovely to re-watch it and finally get to it’s sequel Sotus S. I also really enjoyed 2Moons2! This month saw a lot of disappointing and bad dramas… but I still feel happy about getting through them! The Korean web-drama Sound of Your Heart: Reboot was part of my Idol Actor’s challenge and stars Yuri. This office drama was okay, but the comedy, acting and pacing just wasn’t my cup of tea.


In May I watched 6 Thai dramas and 1 Taiwanese drama.

  • Why R U?
  • He’s Coming To Me
  • Lovesick
  • Until We Meet Again
  • Thank God It’s Friday
  • Theory of Love
  • History 2: Right or Wrong (Taiwanese drama)

Until We Meet Again is one of the best things I watched in 2020! This drama is perfection and incredibly thoughtful. I cried so much and the plot and characters draw you in right from the get go ♥ Right or Wrong was a re-watch, as it’s my favourite drama from the Taiwanese HIStory series and again I felt like watching something cute~

On the flip side, Love Sick was probably the most boring thing I watched last year.


In June I watched 4 Thai dramas and one Korean web-drama.

  • Waterboyy
  • Love By Chance
  • Grey Rainbow
  • En of Love: Tossara
  • Where Your Eyes Linger (Korean web-drama)

The Thai drama’s of this month were okay, my favourite was Grey Rainbow with was fantastic, despite hurting my soul. Where Your Eyes Linger had an interesting plot, but I wish it had been much longer or paced better.

July + August

July was the month that I watched the most things.

  • The Gentle Vet
  • Badass Baker
  • Lovely Geologist
  • What the Duck
  • My Engineer
  • Dark Blue Kiss
  • En of Love: This is Love Story
  • En of Love: Love Mechanics
  • Sotus
  • Long Time No See (Korean web-drama)
  • Because of You (Taiwanese web-drama)

In July, I planned to start a new challenge where I watched all of the U-Prince series’, I might continue it, but many of the others aren’t interesting to me. My favourite from the 3 I watched was definitely The Badass Baker. It was fun, quirky and the relationship was sweet.

I then watched 6 Thai drama’s for the bl bingo board and found a new favourite drama in Dark Blue Kiss where we follow Pete and Kao trying to keep their relationship afloat amid jealousy and fears of going public. I also watched Long Time No See – a Korean web-drama which was intense, but also beautiful. It was great seeing a bl that didn’t revolve around school and despite the action packed plot it still has a happy ending ♥ The Taiwanese drama Because of You was also a bl and while I liked it, a lot of the relationships were underdeveloped.

In August I only watched one thing which, like February, was a web drama. EXO Next Door wasn’t too bad for a idol drama and I really loved Moon Ga Young and she’s a new favourite ♥


In September I wanted to get back into watching Korean dramas and this month I watched 4.

I’m Not A Robot is one of my favourite Kdrama’s of all time. It was so funny, beautiful and our leads – Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin – had amazing chemistry and they’re really talented! Secondly, I watched Come and Hug Me. This is one of those dramas that I think about all the time because the plot, characters and just the vibe of this melodrama was powerfully emotive.

Next was Healer, which I finally got to after too many years of it sitting on my shelves (I won it in a giveaway ♥). It was good, but elements of the plot and production let down the great acting. Finally, I watched Level Up, which is a workplace drama. It was weird and it fell short of what I would have wanted out of it.


October saw another month where I watched 4 Korean dramas.

I saw that Find Me In Your Memory starred Moon Ga Young and immediately wanted to watch it. I also didn’t realise this aired in 2020, but thankfully it was complete when I discovered it~ This drama started off incredibly well and gave me Come and Hug Me vibes, and the acting is wonderful. However, elements in the latter half meant it fell a bit short of my high expectations from the first half. The chemistry between our leads was also fantastic! ♥

Secondly, I watched Player. This OCN drama is about a rag-tag team who steal from corrupt chaebol’s and reveal their crimes to the authorities. The plot was fine, but it was the characters and acting that really elevated it. After this I did a huge genre switch and watched Mr Heart, a cute and short web-drama from the company who made Where Your Eyes Linger. It’s about two boys falling in love while preparing for a running competition.

Finally, in October I watched a “spooky” drama for Halloween. Let’s Fight, Ghost follows a university student who teams up with a high school ghost girl to perform exorcism’s. It started off bad, but ended up being pretty good.


In November I finished my Thai bl Bingo Board challenge with 2gether and 3 Will Be Free. The latter being the better and one of the most distinct and different from all the others on the board. I then watched Still 2gether, a miniseries follow on from 2gether and it was far better than the actual drama! We stan better communication, as well as Man and Type being adorable ♥

In the previous month I had watched Lost Romance, but put it on hold so that when it finally finished airing I was able to watch the rest without waiting (I’m so impatient and also forgetful lol). This was a Taiwanese drama about a woman who ends up in a novel world, but is dissatisfied when she realises she’s just a mean side character with no substance. With a determined mindset she sets about being the female lead. I enjoyed this drama and the main characters were great!

Finally, I watched Individualist Ms. Ji Young, a Korean 2 episode special drama. It was an interesting look into being introverted, loneliness and wanting to be loved.


The last month of 2020 saw me watching little again. Work and personal life got in the way of me being in the mindset to watch much, but I’m really happy with what I ended up seeing.

I had started Investigation Couple/Partner’s for Justice in June 2019, but forgot about it… I decided to pick it up last month because I was in the mood for a procedural crime drama. It didn’t disappoint! This was so good and I’m very excited to pick up series 2 this year, as the characters and cases are all really interesting. Secondly, I watched the Japanese drama Cherry Magic. This was one that I kept seeing on my Twitter as well and it looked fun and cute, and that’s exactly what it was. Adachi is able to read minds because he turned 30 while still being a virgin. To his dismay, he discovers that his popular and perfect co-worker Kurosawa has a crush on him. If you want something fluffy and sweet, I highly recommend Cherry Magic!

Lastly, I finally got round to watching the Theory of Love Special: Stand by Me. I watched this Thai drama back in May and thankfully, I wasn’t one of those people who had been waiting for this special for ages. It was sweet and I’m pretty sure Khai got dumber 😂

For a lot of these dramas I wrote reviews (some were posted in the month after, but I’ve put them in the month I actually watched them) and I’m going to link those down below if you’d like to hear more of my thoughts:

I also made a little infographic with some simple stats. It’s a bit ugly, but on brand 😂

What did you watch last year? Did we watch some of the same things? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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