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Part Time Idol || Mini Review

I have too many groups to stan and now I kind of stan a fake one?! Several misfit trainee idols at YZ (LOL) are put together by Jung Tae Kyung (Kim Min Kyo), who has just come back from his spiritual break to find himself. The group and Tae Kyung face many challenges, from the… Continue reading Part Time Idol || Mini Review

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The Miracle || Mini Review ♪♪

It's body swap time! Kwon ShiYeon (Hong YoonHwa) and Kwon Siah (Sonamoo's Kim NaHyun) are fraternal twins, who are complete opposites. After helping a tarot reader, ShiYeon gets a wish which causes a stir between the sisters when they swap bodies. ShiYeon is a plus sized student who is bullied at school, while Siah is… Continue reading The Miracle || Mini Review ♪♪

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Rebel Detectives 🔍 Ep. 3 Recap

The trio are closing in! After getting a call from her dad, EunWoo's sister checks up on our two geniuses... who have escaped out the window! At what I can only describe as their lair, HanEum is explaining how EunWoo's internet records have been hacked remotely. Using his trusty Phoenix VII computer program, HanEum runs… Continue reading Rebel Detectives 🔍 Ep. 3 Recap