Part Time Idol || Mini Review

I have too many groups to stan and now I kind of stan a fake one?!

Several misfit trainee idols at YZ (LOL) are put together by Jung Tae Kyung (Kim Min Kyo), who has just come back from his spiritual break to find himself. The group and Tae Kyung face many challenges, from the fears of the trainees and the barriers put up by the CEO of YZ (Kang Sung Jin).

Our trainees are:ย 

Kwon Hyun Bin (former JBJ member) who is more concerned with his SNS followers than working to actually gaining talent. Soo Ah (Hwang Seung Eon) whose stage fright means she only finds comfort singing in the bathroom. Kim Hee Jung whose temper has caused her problems in debuting. Lee Soo Hyun (AKMU) whose self esteem has plummeted since her brother enlisted. Lastly, we have Kwon Young Deuk (YG dancer – Kwon Twins) who has yet to get his big break.

This drama was pretty ridiculous! There were several parts where I didn’t feel like continuing, however, since this drama is only 5 episodes (30mins each) I felt obligated to continue haha ^^”

The acting is rather so-so, but the characters are super likable. There is even a cute little romance thrown in. My main issue is that this could have been longer. There were many places where the writer threw out some plot at us, but nothing really came of it. This may jeopardise the quirkiness and the satirical look on the kpop idol world, but with a good writer I think they could have done more with this.


I will say, whoever decided to hire HaHa as ChanHyuk was a GENIUS!! The jibes at the idols were cute and funny!

If you want to kill some time with a fun little drama, then I recommend this (it’s on Netflix). But if you want actual substance, then maybe give this a miss.

What did you think of Part Time Idol? Would you like a longer version?

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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