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I’m a Procrastinating Student ㅠ.ㅠ

Hello! My name is Hayleigh, for all of those who don't know and I'm a procrastinator. And I don't even procrastinate by doing things that I really enjoy, like watching dramas and making posts about them on my blog (that's here... ^^"). However, I need to get my butt into gear! But first! Here's the… Continue reading I’m a Procrastinating Student ㅠ.ㅠ

All About Books

#AprilAThon Wrap Up 📚

I am finally free of essays and classes! Therefore, I have time to finally write this post and watch some kdramas that I've been ignoring. This readathon spanned April 2nd - April 8th and in that time I read 3 books. WRAP UP: The Bane Chronicles, Cassandra Clare To be honest I added an extra… Continue reading #AprilAThon Wrap Up 📚

Kdrama · Queen of the Ring

Queen of the Ring || Mini Review 💍

During these 6 episodes I went through a lot of emotions! Queen of the Ring is part of the Three Colour Fantasy series on MBC. They are mini-dramas that have a fantastical element. PLOT Nanhee (Kim Seulgi) falls for the handsome Segun (Ahn Hyoseop) who is part of the fashion department in her university, while… Continue reading Queen of the Ring || Mini Review 💍