Noble, My Love || First Thoughts 🤔

This could easily turn into a binge watch! As I discovered that the episodes of 'Noble, My Love' are only 15 minutes long, I extended this first thoughts to episode 2 as well. Cha Yoon Seo (Kim JaeKyung) is a veterinarian who is somewhat down on her luck. While she has a small practice outside… Continue reading Noble, My Love || First Thoughts 🤔

Kdrama · Web Drama

The Miracle || Mini Review ♪♪

It's body swap time! Kwon ShiYeon (Hong YoonHwa) and Kwon Siah (Sonamoo's Kim NaHyun) are fraternal twins, who are complete opposites. After helping a tarot reader, ShiYeon gets a wish which causes a stir between the sisters when they swap bodies. ShiYeon is a plus sized student who is bullied at school, while Siah is… Continue reading The Miracle || Mini Review ♪♪