Kdrama · Queen of the Ring

Queen of the Ring || Mini Review πŸ’

During these 6 episodes I went through a lot of emotions! Queen of the Ring is part of the Three Colour Fantasy series on MBC. They are mini-dramas that have a fantastical element. PLOT Nanhee (Kim Seulgi) falls for the handsome Segun (Ahn Hyoseop) who is part of the fashion department in her university, while… Continue reading Queen of the Ring || Mini Review πŸ’

Kdrama · Queen of Mystery

Queen of Mystery|| Episode 1 First Thoughts πŸ€”

I saw the trailer for series 2 on my Twitter timeline and it looked hilarious and I'm so intrigued to see how the comedy interlinks with the crime. So here I am~ Episode one starts of with a hilarious scene of bickering detectivesΒ who end up getting surrounded by the thugs. This type of comedy is… Continue reading Queen of Mystery|| Episode 1 First Thoughts πŸ€”

Kdrama · Splash Splash Love · Web Drama

Splash Splash Love ❀ Review

Hello! I started doing recaps of this, but life got in the way 😭 but! I finally finished it, and here is a little review (with some spoilery pics so be warned): Danbi (Kim Seulgi) is a student who is overwhelmed by her university entrance exam. While she is running from her responsibilities she falls… Continue reading Splash Splash Love ❀ Review


Secret Forest || Final Thoughts πŸŒ³

Secret Forest. What a drama! Here are my final thoughts and I will try and be as concise and critical as I can possibly be (but don't hold me to that :p) Secret Forest is Crime/Prosecutor drama which is dealing with murder and corruption with the Prosecutor offices and police force. Hwang ShiMok (Cho SeungWoo)… Continue reading Secret Forest || Final Thoughts πŸŒ³