Hyeri x Dazed Korea || Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise; 24/12/2019 Hyeri is the maknae of girl group Girl’s Day and had her breakout acting role as the lead in Reply 1988. Her most recent drama was Miss Lee which aired late 2019. Hyeri is also well known for her presence on variety shows ♥ For the interview and original photos check out Dazed…… Continue reading Hyeri x Dazed Korea || Before Sunrise

The Fiery Priest (2019) || K Drama Review

Ignore everything I’ve written and head straight to my dad’s review haha 😂 To start with Congratulations to The Fiery Priest cast and team for taking home 8 awards at the 2019 SBS Drama Awards, including Kim Nam Gil getting the Daesang! This is a pretty special drama for me as it’s the first drama…… Continue reading The Fiery Priest (2019) || K Drama Review

Exit || Film Review ☣️ (2019)

10/10 would recommend!! ♥ I don’t watch a lot of films – especially in the year they are released – so saying this was the best film I watched in 2019 doesn’t really have much standing… but it was!! Exit is around 1hr 40mins and falls in the “distaster” and “action-comedy” genre. It also falls…… Continue reading Exit || Film Review ☣️ (2019)

What I Read In December || 2019

Congrats! You have read 116 books of your goal of 100! – Goodreads A lot of these books are rather short and were super quick to get through so when I counted them up I was amazed with having read 15 books haha 😂 Last month I read the first book in the Blue Bloods…… Continue reading What I Read In December || 2019