You’re Not Good Enough || 📚 Tag!

This is such a fun tag! I saw this on Books With Emily Fox (whose channel I would highly recommend ♥) Original comes from Chami at ReadLikeWildFire – but a lot of her tag videos are now unavailable. This tag involves picking two characters and deciding between the two who is best suited to the situation.…… Continue reading You’re Not Good Enough || 📚 Tag!

Jo Bo Ah x Grazia || Breeze Waltz

Some of these winter jumpers look so warm and cozy ♥ Jo Bo Ah is a Korean actress who debuted in 2011. She is best known for her main role in ‘Shut Up! Flower Boy Band’. And most recently stared alongside Yoo Seung Ho in My Strange Hero (2018). Bo Ah’s next drama ‘Signal’ is…… Continue reading Jo Bo Ah x Grazia || Breeze Waltz

Joo Won || Grazia: After Sunset

Oof can we just stare and appreciate the photo I used for the cover/header? Joo Won out here trying to kill me! haha ♥.♥ Joo Won is a Korean actor and singer best known for his main roles in Bridal Mask and Good Doctor. Joo Won was discharged after completing his two year military service…… Continue reading Joo Won || Grazia: After Sunset

Soompi Singles Music Chart || November Week 1 Favourites ♪♪

♪♪ Soompi does a weekly Singles Music Chart and I though it would be a fun idea to go through the top 10 singles and then choose the 3 that are my favourite of the week (November 2019, Week 1)~ I hope you enjoy this and find some new artists to listen to along the way…… Continue reading Soompi Singles Music Chart || November Week 1 Favourites ♪♪