Want to know about some of my kpop preferences? You're in luck! I saw this tag (click here) and I'm not going to do all 111 questions (because I'm too lazy for that haha ^^), but there are a few sections that I'm going to answer! FAVOURITES: All time favourite group? SHINee! My eternal babies… Continue reading KPOP TAG!

Thai Drama

SOTUS || Series 1 Review~

How am I only just watching this series in 2018?! Answer: I'm always late to the game hahaha ^^" Sotus is a 2016 Thai Drama that is an adaptation of the web novel "SOTUS พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง" by BitterSweet. SOTUS is a form of 'hazing' or 'orientation process' for seniors to bring freshman into their department. The idea… Continue reading SOTUS || Series 1 Review~

All About Books

You’re Not Enough || Book Tag 📚

Picking 30 characters is harder than it should be haha Creators: I've seen this on YouTube, but it looks like the original video isn't online anymore. However, here are the links to the two creators channels: - BeccaTheBookReviewer and ReadLikeWildfire Before I looked at the questions, I picked 30 characters at random and here are my results: 1.… Continue reading You’re Not Enough || Book Tag 📚