Cdrama · Go Princess Go

Go Princess Go! Ep 14 || Recap

Who needs shows like Jeremy Kyle and Robert Irvine when you have Go Princess Go?! haha Sheng enters Peng Peng's palace and both of them have been duped. Sheng thinks 'he' wants to discuss something, while Peng Peng is waiting for the Grand Empress to come back with a painter. They bicker before Sheng goes… Continue reading Go Princess Go! Ep 14 || Recap

All About Books

The Fictional Boyfriend Tag 👦

It's time for a fun little tag created by Rachel Reads over on YouTube! Most romantic boyfriend Jem Carstairs (Infernal Devices trilogy - Cassandra Clare) This young man is not alone so sweet and angelic, but he plays the violin and romantic ❤ Dark and moody bad boy with a good side High Lord Akkarin (Magician's Guild Trilogy… Continue reading The Fictional Boyfriend Tag 👦

A Witch's Romance · Kdrama

A Witch’s Romance | Ep 7 | Recap + Thoughts!

Looks like I'm making these into single episode posts now haha Recap At the beginning of this episode we see our handsome DongHa getting ready to express his 'genuine' (I'm so happy! ❤) feelings for JiYeon. However, things don't quite go to plan. He tells her his feelings, but she just thinks its an act… Continue reading A Witch’s Romance | Ep 7 | Recap + Thoughts!