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Friendsgiving | K-Drama Ver. || #T5W

Get your invitations now!~ The book #T5W is to list who we would invite to a "friendsgiving" party and here is the kdrama version! Of course, there are more than 5 people turning up... we all knew that would happen haha ^^" 5. Cha Hong Do (Choi KangHee) Heart to Heart is one of my… Continue reading Friendsgiving | K-Drama Ver. || #T5W

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Rebel Detectives 🔍 Ep. 3 Recap

The trio are closing in! After getting a call from her dad, EunWoo's sister checks up on our two geniuses... who have escaped out the window! At what I can only describe as their lair, HanEum is explaining how EunWoo's internet records have been hacked remotely. Using his trusty Phoenix VII computer program, HanEum runs… Continue reading Rebel Detectives 🔍 Ep. 3 Recap