A Witch’s Romance (2014) || Review โ™ฅ

So much wasted potential… Ban JiYeon (Uhm JungHwa) is a reporter for Trouble Maker, a paper built upon finding the next “sexy” topic. The CEO’s words, not mine haha JiYeon’s crazy antics (due to her passion as a reporter) puts her in the path of Yoon DongHa (Park SeoJoon) who happens to be her neighbour!…… Continue reading A Witch’s Romance (2014) || Review โ™ฅ

A Witch’s Romance | Ep 7 | Recap + Thoughts!

Looks like I’m making these into single episode posts now haha Recap At the beginning of this episode we see our handsome DongHa getting ready to express his ‘genuine’ (I’m so happy! โค) feelings for JiYeon. However, things don’t quite go to plan. He tells her his feelings, but she just thinks its an act…… Continue reading A Witch’s Romance | Ep 7 | Recap + Thoughts!

Witch’s Romance | Ep 4-6 | Thoughts!

It’s “Thoughts Time” and hopefully, I can make the notes on my phone into some sort of comprehensible blog post. Let’s see if that happens! *spoilers and ramblings within* ๐Ÿ™‚ Episode 4: This episode concluded the actor scandal which involved JiYeon’s university Sunbae. This episode started with JiYeon in the hospital, with a worried DongHa…… Continue reading Witch’s Romance | Ep 4-6 | Thoughts!

A Witch’s Romance FIRST THOUGHTS 1-3

Uhm JungHwa is a Queen! (*spoilers inside*) A Witch’s Romance is a drama that I have wanted to watch for so long, but since I started this blog and recaps I’ve put it off because recapping outside of using Viki can be so stressful. However, I want to watch it and I don’t think I’m…… Continue reading A Witch’s Romance FIRST THOUGHTS 1-3