A Witch’s Romance FIRST THOUGHTS 1-3

Uhm JungHwa is a Queen! (*spoilers inside*)

A Witch’s Romance is a drama that I have wanted to watch for so long, but since I started this blog and recaps I’ve put it off because recapping outside of using Viki can be so stressful. However, I want to watch it and I don’t think I’m going to have the time or the motivation to be recapping anytime soon, so a thought’s post it is! (I hope that’s okay ^^).

Ban JiYeon (Uhm JungHwa) is a headstrong 39yr old reporter, who has the nickname “the witch” given by her colleagues. Due to being jilted at the altar, she has been single for 6 years and her career is her life.

We first meet JiYeon running from Santa on a stolen bike. That’s certainly an opening, and the comedy is one of the great things about this drama so far. The comedy can be campy, but it’s great fun and at times done very cleverly and the cast act these scenes so well.

The poor Santa chasing after JiYeon is Yoon DongHa (Park SeoJoon) who is a 25 yr old man who works for his rich friend as a odd-jobs kind of person. The pair don’t exactly see eye to eye, and the tension between this is funny and full of the potential for more and the steamy kisses certainly help that!

I love that we get to know a lot about our leading lady and DongHa learns at the same time. We see that she isn’t as stuck up and uptight as everyone thinks, she cutely loves to dance and sing in her living room.

Her mother (Yang HeeKyeong) is desperately worried about JiYeon and visits a fortune-teller who is wonderfully played by Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls Member and a queen), but she also signs her daughter up for a date service, which I am certainly looking forward to the shenanigans to happen because of that!

In these first three episodes, we start on the journey of JiYeon outing Kim JeongDo (Jeon NoMin) as having a secret child from an affair. Due to him wanting to go into politics, this scandal does not help him and he threatens to sue the magazine TroubleMaker, where JiYeon works. However, JiYeon’s tenacity does not lessen, but keeps going strong, which means JeongDo ups the tactics to scare her.

WitchRomance01-00245As well as this, she has her colleagues at the magazine out to get her for making their lives miserable. They get Yang SooCheol (Yoon HyungMin), DongHa’s rich friend to pretend to seduce her, and embarrass her at a bar. He doesn’t succeed, mainly because DongHa steps up, unimpressed by his friend’s actions, with a steamy kiss. I love that JiYeon gives SooCheol a few choice words and doesn’t fully accept the idea of being a damsel in distress for DongHa to save.

Among the comedy, there are several elements of seriousness, the one above being one of the main ones, which I’m interested to see how far that goes and what JeongDo is willing to do. There is also the pasts of our mains, at this point we know that JiYeon was jilted, but we don’t know why (but then again neither does she) and it seems something happened to DongHa’s girlfriend. There is also a question about who DongHa’s mother is and what the connection might have to do with the potential new intern Jung EunChae (Jung YeonJoo).

Of all the serious elements of this drama look to be very interesting and gripping and so far they have mixed very well with the comedy. I will admit that the comedy is what is making me want to continue to watch. Both Park SeoJoon and Uhm JungHwa are great and their chemistry is really good. I can’t wait for these two to get cuter and/or sexier :p

As well as that, the additional characters are hilarious! I especially love Baek NaRae (Ra MiRan) and her husband. I’m excited to see more of them, especially as JiYeon (although begrudgingly as she is a traitor haha) is more comfortable around her. I’m also excited to see more scenes with Song YoungSik because I love how he looks up to her so much as his sunbae and how they do have quite a cute relationship that I want to see get more developed.

I’m  definitely looking forward to watching more of this drama and I hope it keeps up impressing me!

Thank you for reading! What do you think about A Witch’s Romance?


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