‘Queen of Mystery’ Review 🔍

I finished this a while ago… so I need my brain to do some overtime haha ^^” ‘Queen of Mystery’ follows the exploits of Yoo SeolOk (Choi Ganghee), who is a housewife who always dreamt of being a detective. She runs into the energetic and youthful officer of her local community, Hong JoonOh (Lee WonGeum) and…… Continue reading ‘Queen of Mystery’ Review 🔍

Queen of Mystery|| Episode 1 First Thoughts 🤔

I saw the trailer for series 2 on my Twitter timeline and it looked hilarious and I’m so intrigued to see how the comedy interlinks with the crime. So here I am~ Episode one starts of with a hilarious scene of bickering detectives who end up getting surrounded by the thugs. This type of comedy is…… Continue reading Queen of Mystery|| Episode 1 First Thoughts 🤔