Prince's Prince

“Prince’s Prince” Overall Thoughts~

This won't be long and I'm rather disappointed and wouldn't really recommend this to anyone. I'd give this drama 1.5 starts out of 5... After the first episode I assumed this drama would be crazy, quirky and make me laugh. And that isn't wrong, however, the last 5 (ish) episodes took such a drastic turn from… Continue reading “Prince’s Prince” Overall Thoughts~

Prince's Prince

Prince’s Prince (Episode 8) Recap~

This was pretty intense! We get some snippets of back-story and there is a definite sense that conflict/confrontation with definitely happen soon. This episode is certainly fast paced and full of different events. I wish most of the episodes were this interesting (plot wise). Also, I am so confused about the characters, especially MongRyong, his personality… Continue reading Prince’s Prince (Episode 8) Recap~