Prince’s Prince (Episode 9) Recap~

Not a lot happened in this episode, well, it felt like not a lot happened. I just wasn’t as interested.

There was a lot of crying and angry faces from Choi JongHoon. I feel like they haven’t done very well in taking you from the crazy, mad world that the previous episodes had to putting you in a position were this episode was very serious.

I am definitely interested, mainly because of what is happening on MongRyong’s end, but I’m not sure this is all going to be resolved with only one episode left after this one… will there be a second series? (I’ve heard that webtoon is still ongoing).


Yuna has been in an accident and as ShiHyun rushes over to the stately hospital, he makes a call, ordering Secretary Kang to get MongRyong by any means possible. He is certain that he had something to do with it and seeing as we saw him talking to Yuna at the start of the episode, it looks likely (but you never knew with dramas…).

Picture1At her bedside, ShiHyun is dazed and distraught to find out that her condition doesn’t look good right now.

He thinks back to when he left to study abroad and tells an unconscious YooNa that he is sorry that it has been such a long time since it was just the two of them together. He begs her to come back to him (JongHoon needs to work on his crying acting…)

Secretary Kang comes into the room, telling ShiHyun to rest and that he will look over Picture2YooNa. ShiHyun asks if he has found MongRyong yet, but as of yet they haven’t. He goes to say that they will have him by tomorrow, but ShiHyun cuts him off asking if it was his fault.

He says that if he had taken her feelings into consideration and not done what he wanted, then YooNa wouldn’t be hurt. Secretary Kang tries to comfort him, but doesn’t get through.

ShiHyun suddenly gets an incoming call from MongRyong. ShiHyun immediately asks if Picture3what happened to YooNa is MongRyong’s fault and he replies that it was. ShiHyun angrily tells him that if anything happens to YooNa, he will kill him (but something already has happened to her? Does he mean if she dies?). MongRyong, who is standing outside a hospital, looking defeated and sad, tells him he hopes that happens.

Once the call is over, Secretary Kang tells him he doesn’t think it was MongRyong’s fault, due to finding out from witnesses that the pair seemed to get into an accident together. ShiHyun is adamant it was, saying that MongRyong (having found out ShiHyun’s real identity) probably paid someone to hurt YooNa by making it look like an accident.

Secretary Kang brings more evidence to his side of the argument, saying that the person who brought her to hospital, waited for her surgery to end and contacted them about the accident was MongRyong (there is definitely a misunderstanding here!). ShiHyun doesn’t care about the questions Secretary Kang is asking about why MongRyong hasn’t explained himself. ShiHyun vows to never trust MongRyong, not Picture4until he hears the truth from YooNa.

Outside the hospital MongRyong is thinking about his sister, while ShiHyun is asking YooNa to save him. Later on, back at his office, MongRyong thinks back to different times were he has nearly been harmed. Nearly each time a mysterious woman is involved.

MongRyong says:

“It must… It must not happen again.”

Thank you for reading~


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