“Prince’s Prince” Overall Thoughts~

This won’t be long and I’m rather disappointed and wouldn’t really recommend this to anyone. I’d give this drama 1.5 starts out of 5…

After the first episode I assumed this drama would be crazy, quirky and make me laugh. And that isn’t wrong, however, the last 5 (ish) episodes took such a drastic turn from that, which left me rather confused.

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Prince’s Prince (Episode 9) Recap~

Not a lot happened in this episode, well, it felt like not a lot happened. I just wasn’t as interested.

There was a lot of crying and angry faces from Choi JongHoon. I feel like they haven’t done very well in taking you from the crazy, mad world that the previous episodes had to putting you in a position were this episode was very serious.

I am definitely interested, mainly because of what is happening on MongRyong’s end, but I’m not sure this is all going to be resolved with only one episode left after this one… will there be a second series? (I’ve heard that webtoon is still ongoing).

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Prince’s Prince (Episode 8) Recap~

This was pretty intense! We get some snippets of back-story and there is a definite sense that conflict/confrontation with definitely happen soon.

This episode is certainly fast paced and full of different events. I wish most of the episodes were this interesting (plot wise).

Also, I am so confused about the characters, especially MongRyong, his personality changes so often!

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Prince’s Prince (Episode 7) Recap~

It looks like we are starting to get onto the ‘juicy’ bits of this story.

After the intense ending of the last episode, the theme to this one is similar. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a quirky cuteness to parts, however, the overall feel of this episode was certainly darker than we have seen before with this drama.

I definitely have a lot of questions and kind of wish it had started like this from the get-go.

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