Prince’s Prince (Episode 7) Recap~

It looks like we are starting to get onto the ‘juicy’ bits of this story.

After the intense ending of the last episode, the theme to this one is similar. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a quirky cuteness to parts, however, the overall feel of this episode was certainly darker than we have seen before with this drama.

I definitely have a lot of questions and kind of wish it had started like this from the get-go.

‘Little Star’s Gift.’

We open with the tense last 2 minutes of the previous episode. SoYeon tells ShiHyun to get on her knees and beg.

MongRyong keeps his cool (and seems to be completely in character) as he realises that this is the girl who has been antagonising YooNa. He tells SoYeon that ShiHyun Picture1came to them asking why someone would hate otaku’s, and she replies the same way ShiHyun did:

“Do I need a reason to hate them?”

SoYeon voices her opinion that otaku’s are social outcasts and losers. To which MongRyong responds by saying that she must not love herself because someone who is similar to her was able to hurt her.

Picture2 Picture3

MongRyong kneels before SoYeon, taking the responsibility to apologise to her. He tells her that she deserves to be loved. SoYeon laughs, but her sentence is cut off by her being hit and falling to the floor. HyangDan grumbles that ‘it’s noisy’ (pahahaha this should not have made me laugh as much as it did!).

MyongRyong rushes over to YooNa. As she becomes conscious, she hugs him, crying out ‘oppa’. YooNa cries that she was so scared and that she is sorry (why is she sorry though?). ShiHyun watches on with a rather devastated look on his face.

Picture4It’s a new day and MongRyong is ready to take action against anyone who tries to hurt his employees. MongRyong tells him that people like SoYeon can appear from anywhere and grab onto your ankles. ShiHyun, is less than happy and warns MongRyong not to get involved with YooNa.

ShiHyun is at home, going through the usb’s that contain documents from MongRyong’s computer, but he only has one left and so far hasn’t found anything. Picture5

A file titled Sang Nyum/Xiang Nian catches his attention as that is ‘his name’. He wonders if MongRyong is on to him somehow and calls Secretary Kang (who runs in to his home office hahaha) and orders him to unlock the folder, as it has a password, and asks whether Secretary Kang has any new information.

At the Castlesoft offices, ShiHyun is staring off into space, as just so it happens, Secretary Kang did have some information. MongRyong then comes into the office to happily announce that have received thank you gifts from the fans. ShiHyun is the only one who doesn’t have one, so to compensate MongRyong gives him a juice. ShiHyun of course flat-out rejects the gift.

Picture6 Picture7

HyangDan suddenly gets up and tells that the pair that they can continue their ‘lovers’ fight’, but the rest of the staff are going to lunch. MongRyong and ShiHyun continue to stare each other down while the rest of the employees leave.

In the end neither of them drink the juice and MongRyong throws it in the bin. He then grabs ShiHyun by the arm and practically drags him out of the office, saying that he will pay for something to eat (this is actually pretty cute~). 

As they leave, we get a close up of the bin and green and black smoke begins to drift out (looks like more intensity is on its way!)

Picture8 Picture9

As the pair make their way out of the building, still arguing about eating, a box slams to the ground behind them. It falls open to reveal a brick, a knife and what appears to be a toy bird. MongRyong stares at it (shocked and rather scared), while ShiHyun recalls what Secretary Kang told him about a 10 yr old MongRyong:

“President Lee MongRyong killed a person.”

(Did ShiHyun set this up?!)

Thank you for reading~


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