A Witch’s Romance | Ep 7 | Recap + Thoughts!

Looks like I’m making these into single episode posts now haha


Picture9At the beginning of this episode we see our handsome DongHa getting ready to express his ‘genuine’ (I’m so happy! ) feelings for JiYeon. However, things don’t quite go to plan. He tells her his feelings, but she just thinks its an act to support her in front of her old university friends. Not to mention a certain polar bear, ShiHoon, turns up and wants to clear the misunderstanding, which JiYeon doesn’t want to hear.

JiYeon thinks she won’t have to see him again, but Troublemaker CEO forces her to do an article on Philip Noh (aka ShiHoon) as he is doing an exhibition of his work as a war correspondent.

The interview could have been worse, especially as JiYeon storms out the first time before evening properly saying hello.

We later learn that JiYeon found out that ShiHoon wasn’t going to be at the wedding, by his assistant (who I don’t trust. at all.), telling her he had doubts. Our precious beansprout tells JiYeon that he will never betray her. JiYeon thanks DongHa for allowing her to confidently walk away from ShiHoon at the reunion, which leads to a restless and jealous DongHa.

Troublemaker CEO doesn’t like JiYeon’s article and wants something to stir up trouble. Everyone starts wondering about who his exhibition ‘One’s Beloved’ is dedicated to. After hearing her colleagues suggest snooping into his past, JiYeon volunteers to rewrite her article.

DongHa has to get some files from ShiHoon’s assistant (for the article) and when left alone, snoops (as most people do haha). He finds a prescription for drugs catered for alleviating excruciating pain and the wedding rings (one of which JiYeon gave back 6 years ago). 


Seeing that ShiHoon is more of a threat than he thought, DongHa sets up a cute little farewell party (she’s legit just moving back into her apartment next door haha) on their building landing. DongHa gives her self defense pin and if she ever uses it, he’ll come running (bless this sweet baby). He then explains that his feelings are genuine, but he won’t rush her and he’ll wait for her answer.

The day of the exhibition comes and DongHa shows up to support JiYeon. During the press conference, ShiHoon tells all the journalists assembled that the exhibition is a personal message to someone special. DongHa asks if ShiHoon doesn’t think he’s overstepping his mark and that his ‘special someone’ is with another person. ShiHoon Picture1says he still loves her (JiYeon) and that he believes that she still loves him.

DongHa wants to leave, but JiYeon feels that she needs to go back, as the answer to why he left her could be inside it.

The episode ends with ShiHoon telling JiYeon (in front of journalists and DongHa – who came back for her) in front of a huge picture of her made up of the photos he’s taken in the last 6 years: “Let’s start over.”


My main thought throughout this was ‘DongHa is so precious’! I was expecting him to be stuck on YoungChae for far longer, but he’s allowed himself to move on. This is something that JiYeon needs to learn from. She needs to come to terms with what happened in her past and forgive herself, because it feels like she blames herself in part for seeming to be un-marriageable.

However, before that happens I can definitely see the angst coming and way more tears are going to be shed! I mean, JiYeon mostly cried in this episode and I think it’s very telling that most of the time it’s only DongHa that makes her smile and happy.

JiYeon and DongHa talk and I love that. JiYeon has been able to say things that have allowed DongHa to grow and DongHa allows JiYeon to vent and joke around. DongHa is willing to be JiYeon’s strength and stands by her, even if that means just being a silent presence next to her. And JiYeon is allowing him to, which shows her growth.

ShiHoon definitely has his reasons as to why he left and his assistant is more than likely the reason for such a huge misunderstanding. However, ShiHoon never tried to explain himself. He should have gone to Seoul as soon as he could and tried to talk to JiYeon. If she doesn’t want to see him, he should have persevered. The picture is lovely, but that’s not going to mend JiYeon’s heart and the past 6 years.

There are also a few other romances that I’m excited about. SooCheol saw EunChae for the first time in this episode and immediately started to crush on her! He is so ridiculous, but I think this could be good for EunChae. But only if SooCheol treats her well and doesn’t play her and/or compare her to YoungChae.

When she was trying to eat, he was right in front of her with his head in his hands haha

And JiYeon’s eomma is on the prowl!! Her crush on Troublemaker CEO is both hilarious and adorable at the same time!

Bring on more of the angst!

Thank you for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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