A Witch’s Romance | Ep 7 | Recap + Thoughts!

Looks like I’m making these into single episode posts now haha Recap At the beginning of this episode we see our handsome DongHa getting ready to express his ‘genuine’ (I’m so happy! ❤) feelings for JiYeon. However, things don’t quite go to plan. He tells her his feelings, but she just thinks its an act…… Continue reading A Witch’s Romance | Ep 7 | Recap + Thoughts!

Eating Existence Episode 7 Recap

A Spicy Fish Eggs Hot Pot Cannot Become Ramen. I don’t think I could have said no to be very honest haha ^^” The main couple are being cute as they eat (I don’t know what this is…), however, both are distracted and in firm agreement that they need to make the food being advertised…… Continue reading Eating Existence Episode 7 Recap

Go Princess Go! Episode 7 Recap

Life gets complicated when you have male admirers, and you’re a man from 2015 stuck in a beautiful woman’s body~ Peng Peng is sleeping and someone starts to stoke ‘his’ cheek and then flicks ‘his’ forehead. Thinking it’s Lu Li, ‘he’ tells ‘his’ “baby” to let ‘him’ sleep, however, is shocked when it is Sheng who…… Continue reading Go Princess Go! Episode 7 Recap

*We Broke Up* Episode 7 Recap

A Half Share of Memories This episode provided some alleviation of my second lead syndrome and gave me a few little main couple feels. This is also the longest episode we’ve had so far, you know things are getting serious, when webdrama’s make their episodes a little longer! :p We open with WonYoung being rudely…… Continue reading *We Broke Up* Episode 7 Recap

My Little Lover Episode 7 Recap ♥

*Minami-Kun No Koibito* – A Proposal After 18 Years My Little Lover is finally back and the team on viki were amazingly fast with the subs!! I could not live without these amazing people! I’ve finally finished this episode recap! It feels like an eternity since I posted episode 6 recap! The same warm fuzzy feeling…… Continue reading My Little Lover Episode 7 Recap ♥