Eating Existence Episode 7 Recap

A Spicy Fish Eggs Hot Pot Cannot Become Ramen.

I don’t think I could have said no to be very honest haha ^^”

The main couple are being cute as they eat (I don’t know what this is…), however, both are distracted and in firm agreement that they need to make the food being advertised on the television – Spicy fish egg hot pot.

After going to the market, they return to Yang’s house and Byeong is in for a surprise in the shape of her parents (he dropped the bags he was holding haha!). Yang’s parents are eager to interrogate Byeong, especially her father, of whom it seems she got a large portion of her self-confidence from. After talk of Yang’s lineage, Byeong’s family and job, Yang’s parents finally leave.

After seeing them off, Yang says that Byeong can hit her with the squid she’s been munching, but he says all parents are the same. Byeong compliments her and then happily says “let’s get married”.

However, Yang is against the idea of marriage, seeing no issue with just dating and sleeping with someone without that part. She also hates the idea of being hindered by a child, even stating that to not have a child is the greatest show of motherly love. To Yang marriage and children and simply ways of maintaining the society around her.

Awed by her own speech, Yang quickly writes down her thoughts, taking no notice of Byeong’s obvious irritation. She then goes into the kitchen and starts to happily prepare food. When she calls out to Byeong, she is met with silence. He has left.

balconies are for thinking

Not knowing how to make the hot pot, Yang simply decides to put put them in ramen, which she finds salty and a waste of the fish eggs.

Out on the balcony, Yang considers her life, noting that she thought having a boyfriend was like having ramen, something accessible and easy to reach. However, Yang has realised that Byeong is more like fish eggs soup (that he is special and one of a kind~).

Additional Comments:

This episode was certainly interesting. In a small amount of time, a lot of topics were brought up and Yang seems to have realised how important Byeong is to her, and how important she is to him. However, the thought of her immediately changing her thoughts on marriage and children hopefully won’t happen. It won’t be fair for her. These two leads definitely need to sit down and talk about what they want out of their relationship and their future.

Thank you for reading~


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