*We Broke Up* Episode 7 Recap

A Half Share of Memories

This episode provided some alleviation of my second lead syndrome and gave me a few little main couple feels. This is also the longest episode we’ve had so far, you know things are getting serious, when webdrama’s make their episodes a little longer! :p

We open with WonYoung being rudely awakened by WooRi, who tells him to not give up and find a solution to his problem. She is about to give up herself, but the pleading faces of HyunDong and ShimHoon, make her try again.

WooRi tries to persuade him to make music, even if the style is a little different to his own. WonYoung is not impressed, and in a rather small voice tells her he doesn’t want to give in just for some money, that he wants to make pure music. WooRi starts to lecture him, saying that his pride should learn from his past experiences and that he needs to start with the basics first.

The lecture is interrupted when NaNi walks in looking for WonYoung. WooRi walks out (she bowed to NaNi and she didn’t even look at her! Rude!) and answers HyunWoo’s phone call.

WonYoung and NaNi then stand in awkward silence for a few moments (now the only people present), before NaNi gives in. She has come to tell him that he can write the title track, but warns him not to blame her if everything doesn’t work out. Before leaving she tells him the company needs the song in a week.

WonYoung is relieved that she has gone (nervous about being dropped or confessed to I’m not sure), but NaNi decides not to leave just yet (she slammed the door in HyunDong’s face…).

NaNi asks WonYoung why he sent her home that night (in reference to the party) and he explains that she only said those things because she was drunk. However, NaNi disagrees, saying that her words were sincere and that she is interested in him.

my camera foils your planWe move on WooRi next, who is trying to sneak up on HyunWoo, however, he knows that she is coming and cutely takes a picture of them both. We then get a tiny montage of events of their date (which is cute, but definitely awkward and a little off…). 

Now at a play park, HyunWoo asks WooRi how her presentation is going. She admits that is isn’t going so well, as last time she had his help. Of course, he then offers his help, saying that he got some sources she could use from some Sunbaes. He offers his services today, as he needs to give the sources back tomorrow and asks whether going to his home would be a little weird (HyunWoo is being all coy ~).

WooRi is a little hesitant at first, but accepts his offer.

WonYoung is at a rehearsing studio at Mars Music thinking about what NaNi said to him. However, he shakes his head and tells himself to work. He plugs in an old hard drive and is shocked and a little disgusted to see a file titles No WooRi Album which includes quite a few songs all about her. of course i don't know the password...He moves them to ‘trash’, and tries to do so with another folder “We Forever”, however, it is password protected and he can’t remember the password.

Thus he calls WooRi. She answers, but tells him to hurry up and ask what he wants, as she is busy. When she finds out that he wants to the password for the We Forever folder she falters a little and then tells him she doesn’t know, but it might be on her memo board. WonYoung then gets suspicious when she tells her she can’t get to it until late, and when she tells him she has to go, he shouts at her not to (WonYoungie is jealous!).

WonYoung then realises what the password may be and types in ‘we forever’ (in english) and the folder opens. He then clicks through some of the pictures inside.

Back at HyunWoo’s house, WooRi is getting hungry as she types away on her laptop. We find out that he has been cooking for two hours! (Is he making noodles from scratch?! Ha!).

A bored and hungry WooRi goes snooping about and ends up in HyunWoo’s room, her attention on the drum-kit. The light turns on and she turns to find HyunWoo stood in the doorway.

Back at the studio, WonYoung is happily going through some rather cute picture of him and WooRi. He clicks on a media file and he looks happy as he reminisces.

HyunWoo asks WooRi if he would like him to teach her and he happily shows her a little of his playing. He then suggests she have a go, which she takes up reluctantly. However, she picks up the drum-sticks quickly and starts to play (very well! and HyunWoo’s face when he realises she is good Ha!).

WooRi reveals that she lives with “kids in a band” so she can imitate them. She then worries about what his neighbours will say about the noise, to which HyunWoo happily tells her that it doesn’t matter, as he is surrounded by shops which aren’t open Sundays.

WooRi asks if she can play ‘properly’ and HyunWoo nods.

WonYoung then notices that NaNi is at the door and quickly stands up. NaNi apologises, saying she didn’t mean to see something she shouldn’t have. WonYoung turns the screen off and tells her that he and WooRi broke up.

NaNi tells him she has enough sense to gather that, and that there must be a reason for him to still live with her, and that she won’t bother him about it. NaNi happily changes the topic of conversation, proudly giving him the news that he has a radio interview.

Meanwhile, at HyunWoo’s home, the fact that she and WonYoung live together is causing a problem. HyunWoo reminds her that WooRi said she would repay him for helping with her presentation and now he has a request:

“I’d like you to leave that house. (…) It bothers me, you and Ji WonYoung.”

Additional Comments:

This episode threw the two mains, WooRi and WonYoung, both further away and closer together.

By this I mean, we see WonYoung confronted with NaNi’s feelings for him, but at the same time he finds some old pictures and footage of the pair of them together and he smiles happily. He even gets jealous when he finds out that WooRi is at HyunWoo’s home. On the other side, we see WooRi progress in her relationship with HyunWoo, albeit rather awkwardly and not with a lot of feeling.

WooRi and WonYoung still have feelings for each other. However, they are both too stubborn to accept that and tell the other person.

WonYoung doesn’t seem to have any feelings whatsoever for NaNi and I’m glad it doesn’t look as though he is going to try and do what WooRi is doing and try to override his feelings by forcing himself into a relationship.

In this episode, I did feel that the way WonYoung was looking at the pictures was super cute and tied with how WooRi and HyunWoo acted together, the second lead syndrome is dying down. The fact that HyunWoo told her to move out of the house kind of added to it as well. I feel that HyunWoo is super sweet, I mean he was making pasta noodles from scratch for her, but the situation WooRi is putting him in isn’t helping with his plan to take things slow. The scene at the drums where WooRi was obviously in pain and thinking about WonYoung must have been extremely painful and uncomfortable for him to watch, considering he likes her.

I’m not trying to paint WooRi as the villian here, but I hope that she can accept her feelings and not stay in a relationship with HyunWoo, as to do so will hurt them both.

Apart from the relationship side of things, we saw that WonYoung got his way and can write the title track for their album. He also gets some good news at the end from NaNi, that he has a radio interview. I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say WonYoung says some things about WooRi in this interview.

Thank you for reading~


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