I Order You (Episode 7) Recap~

This episode had its great comedic moments, however, we are delving into more serious content and I’m okay with that. The pace is very good and the switch has felt very natural, especially as I’ve been able to be wrapped up with what is going on. I put that mostly down to Kim GaEun and Jang SeungJo’s acting skills.

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Prince’s Prince (Episode 7) Recap~

It looks like we are starting to get onto the ‘juicy’ bits of this story.

After the intense ending of the last episode, the theme to this one is similar. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a quirky cuteness to parts, however, the overall feel of this episode was certainly darker than we have seen before with this drama.

I definitely have a lot of questions and kind of wish it had started like this from the get-go.

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