Midnight’s Girl (Episode 7) Recap~

This penultimate episode was rather funny and sweet in places, which causes you to be caught off guard near the ending. There is a lot of subtext about death in this episode, which is why I’m scared for the ending…

Picture17We open with the slightly awkward kiss, however, it doesn’t last long. SeRa opens her eyes and stops the kiss by announcing that a customer is coming and swiftly gets up off the sofa.

A male soldier comes in and asks for one room and says that he’s alone. As SeRa leads the soldier to a room, JiDan grumbles about her hearing a customer and that next time she shouldn’t.

At the same time, another customer comes in, a female who is obviously upset as she announces that she is alone.

Picture1 Picture2

We then see the female customer, who is singing. We then flip back and forth from each room. The pair singing different songs, in different positions, but equally as bad and emotionally. These two are definitely suffering from a break up (whether with each other is uncertain).

Picture3 Picture4

In the hallway, SeRa looks through one door window, while JiDan looks through the other.

SeRa says that a man has cheated on the woman customer and left her, while a woman has dumped the male customer to marry someone else. She ends that they each can’t forget the other person. JiDan asks how she knows this and SeRa asks, while a little flustered, ‘you don’t know just by looking?’ JiDan looks into the room he is next to again and shakes his head.

She then changes tactic and implies that you should know by hearing the music. SeRa even calls JiDan dense and says that it’s a good thing he quit music (harsh but hilarious).

Picture5JiDan goes to object, but SeRa announces that she is done with that topic and asks whether he wants to do something nice for the customers, seeing as it is the last day. He asks what and SeRa says, ‘sing once’, to which JiDan is not happy about.

SeRa then says that if he doesn’t sing the two customers will die, that she can tell by looking and that he should feel it too. She continues by saying that ‘this place is the last place you visit on the way to the afterlife.’ Changing tactic she says that if JiDan does something good, then something good with happen to him. That that’s the way of the world.

JiDan still objects and SeRa storms off, calling him a coward.

Picture8 Picture9

After she leaves, JiDan looks into the room again, the female customer pulls out a bottle of pills from her bag, causing JiDan to start to panic. He enters the room, repeating ‘wait a second’ and ‘wait a second’.

Picture6They both then hear a weird sound and look round at the karaoke tv screens. They then hear singing, and both the male customer and female customer head out into the hallway. Standing before them, surrounded by bubbles if SeRa~

The man stops her from singing, saying that he isn’t in the mood for this, and the woman agrees. This causes the bubbles to disappear and the music to stop. The pair then start walking towards the exit.

Picture7However, JiDan comes running out of the room and shouts ‘then, you’re just going to die like that?’ They stop and look round, and JiDan continues, saying that they haven’t lived all their life yet.

He says that all the people who have the same expressions as they do, commit suicide. The two customers look at each other, but the continue towards the exit.

JiDan then raises his microphone.

Picture10 Picture11

And Nam Taehyun’s lovely voice bursts through! The bubbles reappear and his cute little dance moves make me so happy ♥ He even throws in a few twirls!

The two customers begin to smile and SeRa takes the opportunity to tell them to sing along. However, the three just end up smiling and dancing along.

As the two customers finally leave, the woman sneezes and the man notes that she must have caught a cold. We then find out she hasn’t taken her medicine yet, namely because JiDan barged in thinking she was attempting suicide.

Picture12The man then asks if she wants to go and eat warm soup, to get her better. He even offers to pay and they head to a place he knows. While walking down the road, he asks her how she came to the karaoke room. The woman says that she was just passing by and was suddenly in front of “Four Beats”.

The man tells her that’s what happened to him as well, as he had been lured there.

Picture13 Picture14

It’s past closing time and JiDan wakes up, as always there is no sign of SeRa. However, this time there is a little pink dolphin soft toy on the counter. He smile happily, but then we see a memory of his – SeRa holding the same dolphin while wearing a school uniform. JiDan looks shocked.

Picture15Meanwhile, SeRa is in her hospital room. She crouches down to face her sleeping mother, and says thank you and that she has to go. SeRa tells her mother that she loves her, always and then the mother turns away from SeRa in her sleep. Excuse me while I go get some tissues T.T and the music is not helping. She isn’t going to die, right?

Picture16 Picture17

JiDan’s phone is finally fixed, he sits down and goes to look at his photos. He is shocked and confused to see that the photo he took with SeRa contains only himself and slight spark of light.

He then thinks back to when they took the photo and what BumGoo said about how ghosts don’t show up in photos.

We leave JiDan, sitting in the repair shop, trying to understand what is going on.

Thank you for reading~


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