Midnight’s Girl Overall Thoughts~

This webdrama certainly surprised me. Going in, I was excited, but a little nervous as this is my first webdrama. The fact that the episodes are often barely ten minutes long and there are only 8 episodes, I feared that I wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy the characters or plot. I shouldn’t have been…… Continue reading Midnight’s Girl Overall Thoughts~

Midnight’s Girl (Episode 8/Finale) Recap~

The final episode of this little webdrama was emotional, but overall left me smiling for ear to ear. I was not expecting to enjoy it so much and now I’m rather sad that it is so very short. We again see JiDan looking at the photo on his phone, he then tries to call her,…… Continue reading Midnight’s Girl (Episode 8/Finale) Recap~

Midnight’s Girl (Episode 7) Recap~

This penultimate episode was rather funny and sweet in places, which causes you to be caught off guard near the ending. There is a lot of subtext about death in this episode, which is why I’m scared for the ending… We open with the slightly awkward kiss, however, it doesn’t last long. SeRa opens her…… Continue reading Midnight’s Girl (Episode 7) Recap~

Midnight’s Girl (Episode 6) Recap~

Episode 6 is definitely where the beginnings of love are. However, this episode has a sadder tone to it. I’m kind of worried at how this is all going to end, especially for SeRa. She is too adorable for me to let her go anywhere haha ^^” We open up with the accidental kiss scene from the…… Continue reading Midnight’s Girl (Episode 6) Recap~

Midnight’s Girl (Episode 5) Recap~

This episode was not as fun and quirky as they have been, however that is because this seems to be the catalyst episode that is taking us down the path of discovery. Namely finding out about SeRa and also exploring the budding relationship between JiDan and SeRa. Saying that, this episode was rather sweet, I…… Continue reading Midnight’s Girl (Episode 5) Recap~