Midnight’s Girl (Episode 6) Recap~

Episode 6 is definitely where the beginnings of love are. However, this episode has a sadder tone to it. I’m kind of worried at how this is all going to end, especially for SeRa. She is too adorable for me to let her go anywhere haha ^^”

We open up with the accidental kiss scene from the end of the last episode. SeRa shoves him off her and he falls into a table. SeRa looks still looks shocked and asks what he’s doing, JiDan says that it’s not what it looks like. SeRa interrupts him and asks if he was trying to take weird pictures of her, she covers her chest with her arms while saying this. Picture1

JiDan says that’s not the case as he sits back down beside her. He explains (while evidently flustered) that her sleeping behaviour was strange and that he was going to take a picture to show her.

SeRa doesn’t believe him and says that she knows she is pretty. She says that if he has fallen for her, he should say and then maybe she could fall for him. JiDan is frustrated by this as SeRa isn’t understanding. She then says that he is timid for a guy, grabs his wrist and pulls it over her shoulder, so that they can take a picture together.Picture2

JiDan looks annoyed, however as soon as the picture is about to be taken, he immediately smiles and even throws up a peace sign. However, the moment doesn’t last as a customer comes in and SeRa shoots up to her feet to greet them. This causes JiDan to drop his phone.

We then see JiDan seeing if he can get his phone fixed. The man says that it will take a week because he has an old model, so it will take time to get the missing parts. JiDan is not happy with this news.

Back at “Four Beats” JiDan is extremely bored. He doesn’t have his phone and the internet doesn’t work. He is exasperated that he is so bored that he wants a ghost to appear.

JiDan then notices the clock and is surprised to see that it is midnight, however he is also happy, saying that he can meet her in an energetic condition. It is suddenly 3am and SeRa has still not arrived. JiDan waits by the door and even steps outside.

Picture3 Picture4

We then find out that SeRa hasn’t been to work in three days and he is worried that she may be hurt somewhere. I like that instead of the days passing we just see JiDan wandering around outside, changing the positions in which he waits for her.

Back inside JiDan tries doing the magic trick SeRa tried to teach him. He even sings the little line. He gets worse as he goes on and throws the tissue down and wonders Picture5why he is doing this.

Then this giant cutie pie starts smiling and pictures of SeRa pop up around him~

Suddenly he shakes his head, scattering the images, shocked at himself.

Picture6 Picture7

He then sees her in front of him, leaning on the counter and he leans forward in shock. However, the image of SeRa dissipates and he is left alone again, to wonder about why he keeps thinking about her.

He then goes back to trying the magic trick and this time, while singing SeRa over and over, he finally does it, making him extremely happy!

The next scene shows us JiDan working, sweeping up and waiting on some customers. While he is restocking the fridge, a young girl comes out of a room and asks him when he is going to show them the magic show (she has a flyer in her hand). JiDan says that he wants to see the magic show too, and that he is worried.

Picture8 Picture9

The owl bell tinkles and JiDan looks around, his cute little face lit up, hoping that it’s SeRa, however, KwangCheol walks in. The little girl walks off in a huff. KwangCheol asks JiDan why his smile changed to such a dark expression.

JiDan asks KwangCheol what reason he is here in a monotone voice. KwangCheol asks him why he hasn’t been answering his calls, to which JiDan tells him that his phone is at a repair shop.

KwangCheol is happy to see that there seems to be a lot of people today and walks over, and opens, the door. He has brought a company president with him. The man says that the place is a bit old and KwangCheol tells him that when he comes in he can remodel, and add a little touch so that it will ‘twinkle twinkle’.

That night at 12pm, the bear ferris-wheel starts turning, the fairy lights turn on, as does the “Four Beat” sign outside. SeRa has arrived!

Picture10 Picture11

SeRa pokes JiDan’s cheek to wake him, and she asks if she should lay a blanket down for him. JiDan immediately sits up on the sofa and asks why she hasn’t contacted him. SeRa says that she did, but that his phone was off.

JiDan still grumbles that she shouldn’t have left without a trace, when she explains that something came up so she couldn’t come to work. SeRa says that he seems to have been worried. JiDan laughs it off and says that he wasn’t worried, just that when she wasn’t here, he has to do all the work. This causes SeRa to smile, she says that him being worried has brightened her mood.

JiDan still denies that he was worried, but SeRa then apologises, saying that she doesn’t like making people worried. He then tells her not to make him worried again.

Picture12After a cute little few moments of awkwardness, JiDan tells her “Four Beats” may close, much her shock. He explains that people don’t stay, instead leaving like they are running away. The place is going to get sold and used for storage. SeRa asks when, and JiDan, says tomorrow, or the day after (he isn’t sure). He then says that he will contact her when is closes.

SeRa suddenly says that he doesn’t need to as she was coming to tell him that she can’t come to “Four Beats” starting tomorrow. She tells JiDan that she is leaving. He Picture13asks where to and SeRa says to somewhere a bit far away. (Is she basically saying she is going to die? T.T) She then talks about how she heard that dolphins can speak to each other even when they are far apart, sending what the heart feels. She asks if music is like that too.

JiDan thinks about it, but then asks why use music when people, nowadays, use messaging to send what the heart feels. SeRa then says that she is sure that at least one person is waiting for ‘Gong JiDan’s music’. She says that person can be close or far away.

Picture14 Picture15

JiDan says that it doesn’t make sense and SeRa suddenly raises her hand and says that it is her. That she is always going to be waiting and cheering for him.

SeRa then changes the subject saying that she heard he would be in a difficult place if he can’t pay back the debt. JiDan says he isn’t going to die from that. However, he does say that he does want to send his mother to the Maldives, or let her explore the world, so that she can brag about it to her friends. He says he is regretful about that, but that working at the karaoke room has been a great experience.

Picture16 Picture17

SeRa tells JiDan that he is a good person, and cool. She’s upset because she has only started to get to know him, however JiDan says that it isn’t the end yet. He then leans in to kiss her~ (To be honest this is a super awkward kiss, but it was sweet I suppose).

Thank you for reading~

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