Witch’s Romance | Ep 4-6 | Thoughts!

It’s “Thoughts Time” and hopefully, I can make the notes on my phone into some sort of comprehensible blog post. Let’s see if that happens! *spoilers and ramblings within* 🙂 Episode 4: This episode concluded the actor scandal which involved JiYeon’s university Sunbae. This episode started with JiYeon in the hospital, with a worried DongHa…… Continue reading Witch’s Romance | Ep 4-6 | Thoughts!

Eating Existence Episode 6 Recap

Our Tragedy Started With The Rib Eye Steak. “Finally my alien will become the star.” – Does he mean the actual alien from Alien or Yang? haha Byeong is a designer at a gaming company, and his boss is happy with how his latest designs did. Due to his Team Leaders good mood, he brings up…… Continue reading Eating Existence Episode 6 Recap

Go Princess Go! Episode 6 Recap

This episode made me laugh and then gasp and stare at my screen in shock! Lu Li checks to see if Peng Peng is awake, not wanting to disturb ‘him’ after a tiring night. Of course Peng Peng thinks that Lu Li was with ‘him’ (which it’s so obvious she wasn’t! Lu Li is too…… Continue reading Go Princess Go! Episode 6 Recap

*We Broke Up* Episode 6 Recap

“Offbeat, Discord, Disagreement”. Today is not Saturday… but Sunday is very close! haha ^^” Once again, I’m going to repeat myself and cry in a corner because this second lead syndrome is not budging! HyunWoo is too darn cute! ♥ I hope you enjoy this recap~ We left WonYoung in a predicament over whether he…… Continue reading *We Broke Up* Episode 6 Recap

Scholar Who Walks The Night (Episode 6) Recap~

This poor empty post has been in my drafts for 3 months… And now is time to fill it! But seriously, why is YangSun such a hard name for me to remember? Maybe SungYeol isn’t hard because of the Infinite member who shares the same name keeps it in my mind…? This was a good episode…… Continue reading Scholar Who Walks The Night (Episode 6) Recap~