Go Princess Go! Episode 6 Recap

This episode made me laugh and then gasp and stare at my screen in shock!

Lu Li checks to see if Peng Peng is awake, not wanting to disturb ‘him’ after a tiring night. Of course Peng Peng thinks that Lu Li was with ‘him’ (which it’s so obvious she wasn’t! Lu Li is too naive) and is happy when ‘he’ thinks that the Lu Li and ‘he’ can continue this ‘relationship’ when they get back to the palace.

Sheng and Peng Peng share a carriage (a real one this time) back to the palace, and the latter notices a love bite on Sheng’s neck (he doesn’t even hide it!). Peng Peng assumes that it’s from a night with Ying Yue and starts to lecture him on how he shouldn’t hurt his brother or spoil women. Sheng is annoyed at how ‘he’ is talking about Ying Yue and spouting nonsense about ‘his’ love life, so kicks Peng Peng out of the carriage!

Not understanding the situation, Lu Li wonders why Sheng is acting this way when the royal couple were intimate last night. This confuses Peng Peng and Lu Li has to explain that ‘he’ made a fuss about wanting to go to bed that Sheng had to come and take ‘him’. Peng Peng then remembers what happened.

Peng Peng is not happy and ends up screaming to vent ‘his’ frustration.

Several days have passed and Lu Li is concerned with Peng Peng’s health, ‘he’s been sick (is ‘he’ pregnant?!). Peng Peng doesn’t want to see a doctor and puts it down to the shame of ‘his’ new body being intimate with Sheng.

It’s night and Lu Li arrives with an invitation to play football from the Emperor. Peng Peng tells her to decline, with the excuse that ‘he’ isn’t feeling well. However, the invitation specifically says that the ladies cannot use this excuse! Peng Peng is sure that ‘he’ can overturn this rule, but Sheng walks in and vetoes ‘his’ plans.

While being dragged out into a courtyard, Peng Peng shouts to be let go and even brings up how ‘he’ hates the cold male leads in Kdramas who do that! (this guy seems to watch a lot of dramas!).

Sheng explains that he will teach Peng Peng how to play football (which is his favourite ball – how cute~) because he knows how bad ‘he’ is. Of course, Peng Peng feels confident that Sheng’s lessons won’t be needed. But it seems that Zhang Peng’s skills have not tranferred over to Peng Peng because ‘he’ is unable to hit the stationary ball (Ha!).

'his' face Ha!When the session is over, it seems that Peng Peng just managed to hit the ball. Sheng tells ‘him’ that ‘he’ needs to continue with the training over the next couple of days. Peng Peng collapses to the floor in resistance, but Sheng simply picks ‘him’ up and carries ‘him’ to ‘his’ bed.

Peng Peng tries to bat ‘his’ eyelashes and act exhausted to get out of the football match, but Sheng shuts ‘him’ down instantly (I feel like Sheng is enjoying this!)

The day of the match arrives and the 5- a side game begins. Peng Peng is rather skilled now and Sheng notes that ‘he’ shouldn’t be as good as the teacher (you only say that because you are on opposite teams!). Peng Peng scores and is super happy, however, cries out in despair with Yang Yan when ‘he’ realises ‘he’ scored an own goal…

The game continues, which each side battling to one up the other. However, it is disrupted when Ying Yue is trying to tackle Peng Peng and undoes her dress, blaming it on Peng Peng. The latter denies and even tries to help Ying Yue cover up, but Sheng is angry and already pinning the blame on ‘him’ (he even takes the duty of covering her up from Zhao).

Jiu Wang comes over and begins to lead Peng Peng away, but Sheng even defies this. Angrily Peng Peng release Jiu Wang’s grip and climbs the steps of the palace where the spectators are.

this poor babyJiu Wang reassures Peng Peng that he knows ‘he’ wasn’t at fault and Peng Peng thanks him. On the pitch, Zhao picks up his wife, but Sheng (noting that Zhao had injured his wrist) takes her from him.

Jiu Wang notes that he doesn’t understand his brothers behaviour, and Peng Peng agrees. Zhao, his arms still out, watches with a sad expression as Sheng carries Ying Yue away (I want to hug this man and never let go!).

The Grand Empress doesn’t see why it was only Ying Yue’s dress that came undone, however, Sheng’s other wives are firmly on the side of Ying Yue. This angers Peng Peng and ‘he’ defends ‘himself’.

Out of of nowhere, Sheng comes back and slaps Peng Peng (OH MY GOD!! HE JUST…. HE JUST…. OH MY GOD!). The Grand Empress stands and tells Sheng not to concern himself with Zhao’s affairs, especially as he has no proof Peng Peng did anything. With a humph, he storms off.

Additional Comments:

Sheng is so confusing! He sleeps with Peng Peng when ‘he’s obviously drunk. He teaches Peng Peng how to play football in the dead of night because he knows ‘he’ is terrible, even though they are on different teams for the actual game. Then he slaps Peng Peng and gets super angry at ‘him’ for something which wasn’t actually ‘his’ fault. And Sheng told Ying Yue to be patient but then physically takes her from his brother… I just don’t understand!

I feel that Sheng is going to regret the decisions he made in this episode.

I love that the humour is woven into the more serious drama, it works really well and makes character and plot progression move on. And it doesn’t feel like it is completely different from the first few episodes which were so quirky.

I’m also getting used to the breaking the 4th wall when Peng Peng talks to us. I think as this technique is being used more, it is being better placed within scenes.

It will be interesting to see if that night did result in pregnancy… I don’t see Peng Peng being the easiest to look after pregnant “woman” in the world haha

Thank you for reading~


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