*We Broke Up* Episode 6 Recap

“Offbeat, Discord, Disagreement”.

Today is not Saturday… but Sunday is very close! haha ^^”

Once again, I’m going to repeat myself and cry in a corner because this second lead syndrome is not budging! HyunWoo is too darn cute! ♥

I hope you enjoy this recap~

We left WonYoung in a predicament over whether he should do the punishment or not and this is how we open episode 6. HyunDong, just tells him to take a shot so they can continue with the party, however, it is NaNi who takes charge of the situation (obviously noting the atmosphere between WonYoung and WooRi). In doing so, she downs the entire jug of alcohol (much to HyunDong’s horror! Ha!) and tells WonYoung that she has to protect her artists health and voice.

The alcohol takes its toll as we go outside to see her throw up. WooRi comes and out and gives NaNi some medicine to drink. While she does, WooRi asks her what she thinks about The Band I Don’t Know (correcting herself from saying WonYoung). Even so, NaNi only talks about WonYoung, saying that there is something about him that she can’t explain and that her job is to make him shine even more.

WooRi then has to deal with another drunk, in the form of HyunWoo. They are walking down the street, his way of sobering up. He stops and tells WooRi that he is has something to tell her: he likes her, a lot more than she thinks. WooRi laughs it off, saying that he is drunk, and telling him that she likes him too… friend-wise. HyunWoo refutes being drunk, saying that he has liked her for a long time and that his feelings are sincere (this cutie is making my heart melt! ♥).

Meanwhile, WonYoung is dealing with NaNi, who really does not want to go home. She wants one more drink, but WonYoung is trying his best to politely get her into her car (he called a substitute driver). NaNi suddenly hugs him and tells him she is being brave for asking for another drink, the meaning being a lot deeper. WonYoung laughs it off and practically shoves her into the car. The scene is made more awkward as WooRi was witness to it and the pair stand apart looking at each other (WonYoung looks guilty, but he hasn’t done anything wrong). 

It’s a new day and WooRi is at the university club room again. She is joined by Jimin who wants to know if she will be dating HyunWoo from now on. WooRi explains that she told HyunWoo she would think about it, but is unsure what to do. Jimin tells her to take the opportunity and is happy to think about WonYoung crying over what he has lost. However, she is a little shocked, but very intrigued when she finds out WonYoung already has someone (I love that those poor people are just trying to rehearse, but get shouted at by Jimin instead!).

Jimin (and the two club members) look at a picture of NaNi online and Jimin is as ruthless as ever, saying that WooRi should just date HyunWoo because she has lost!
WooRi is not impressed by the great qualities she is forced to hear about NaNi, but her more pressing matter is the fact that she has to see HyunWoo tomorrow at work!

True to her words of it being awkward, we are forced to watch several awkward encounters of WooRi avoiding HyunWoo. Thankfully, it doesn’t last long, as HyunWoo is literally one of the cutest people ever! He dons his interview costume and uses it to give WooRi a drink and cleverly dispel the awkward atmosphere between them.

Meanwhile, in the building next door, WonYoung and his bandmates are lounging around. However, the mood becomes serious when NaNi comes in with a piece of news that does not go down well with WonYoung. He reminds her that when they signed the contract they would be using their own song as a title track, but NaNi calmly explains that as it is their first album and to appeal to the masses, it would be wiser to bring someone else in.

WooRi and HyunWoo are outside now, and the latter is sorry for making the atmosphere awkward for her. WooRi simply laughs and accepts his apology, saying that he can get out of the box now. HyunWoo happily does so.

She tells him not to misunderstand her not accepting him as her not liking him. Instead, WooRi explains that she is “timid”, this simply makes HyunWoo laugh! She chastises him and they both laugh it off.

The pair are about to go back in, however, they stop when they hear NaNi shouting after WonYoung. This pair then argue about the title track. NaNi is adamant that they need a song by someone already established so that they will have a chance to stand on the stage and become popular, that the bands style can’t be the main point at the moment. This riles WonYoung who is only concerned about his music.

WonYoung notices the WooRi and HyunWoo. He angrily storms off without another word. WooRi watches him go with a sad and worried expression on her face.

It’s now evening and HyunWoo is walking WooRi home. HyunWoo wishes that they didn’t work so close (meaning WonYoung), but WooRi doesn’t catch it and he quickly steers the conversation away. He tells her not to worry about him and work normally. Especially because of how hard they worked to get into the company.

He explains to her that he always want to be her strength, not someone who is a burden to her (he is so precious I can’t!).

flashback about handsThere hands then brush against each other as they are walking, this startles WooRi and she is thrown back into a memory:

WooRi and WonYoung are sat outside their shared house and she is moaning at him for having dry hands. However, she doesn’t hate them, as she happily explains that they are the most mature thing about him (Ha!). WonYoung says it’s part of being a guitarist and tells her that if you get addicted to his hands, you won’t be able to break away from them (what?… haha). He then cutely tickles her (they are pretty cute in the flashbacks…). 

“We’re here” are the two words that snap WooRi out of her memory and the pair stop outside of her home. HyunWoo tells her to go inside and she is about to, but stops and turns back.

WooRi tells him not to walk her home anymore, as it is burdensome. HyunWoo looks rather lost after that statement, which makes WooRi smile. She steps closer to him and explains that she will walk him home next time.

(He looks so happy and squidgy! Can this just end now and I can just imagine that they live happily ever after? ^^”).

Additional Comments:

I felt that this episode was kind of enjoyable, in that there were some funny parts, but it was more serious this time. The two leads are still at an awkward distance where they still have feelings, but won’t admit it to each other. And then we have WooRi, who at the end of the episode decides that she is going to try and get herself used to holding other people’s hands.

And I understand her logic, that being with someone else may help her get over WonYoung, but she needs to be able to be alone and over him, otherwise she will crumble even harder if that relationship doesn’t work… right? That’s just my feeling. Also, I have such second-lead syndrome right now, that thinking about what is going to happen to HyunWoo is breaking my heart *cries*

On the WonYoung front, he is having issues with how NaNi is managing and to be honest, she should have known that he wouldn’t have liked the idea of them not writing their own title track. And even though she does have a point, especially in such a fast paced world of music that is S. Korea, she should have taken him through the process instead of just telling him someone else was going to write it.

So, while I don’t think the pairing of WonYoung and NaNi is possible, I do think that a beautiful relationship could be had with WooRi and HyunWoo. However, this would mean that WooRi would need to let her feelings go fully and I don’t think that is going to happen.

And to be honest, I don’t really see the appeal of WonYoung/WooRi, which I think is the fault of the episode lengths and the odd time jumps that aren’t really explained. As well as this I just think they haven’t had many moments together which makes me want them to be together.

What do you think about the main couple? Yes or no?

Thank you for reading~


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