Eating Existence Episode 6 Recap

Our Tragedy Started With The Rib Eye Steak.

“Finally my alien will become the star.” – Does he mean the actual alien from Alien or Yang? haha

Byeong is a designer at a gaming company, and his boss is happy with how his latest designs did. Due to his Team Leaders good mood, he brings up his latest project, a princess under a spell (aka an alien with what looks like a pearl necklace on…). Team Leader ends up walking away, leaving a rather bemused Byeong.

While looking out the window, lamenting that not everyone can do what they want, he wonders what Yang is up to. On the phone, he asks Yang if she wants to go to Switzerland.

Switzerland turns out to be a restaurant in South Korea… Byeong explains that Rib Eye Steak is the most famous thing in Switzerland (is it?) and that they should have a Switzerland experience. They then make happy faces at each other while eating.

Yang spots YeRi enter the restaurant and calls out to her.

When the group sit together and eat their meal, Yang realises that the man with YeRi is the same as the man who was present when her cake got eaten by a dog (someone who gives the impression of a player). Yang is immediately unimpressed and goes on a rampage when he finishes eating about how eating that cow was a tragedy. That to fill his belly with the dead cow is the cause of global warming, and just gives momentary happiness (but she’s eating it too…). Of course YeRi is not impressed and tells Yang to shut her mouth (which doesn’t happen!).

After what must have been an awkward goodbye, Yang and Byeong are walking down the street (holding hands~), but Yang stops when Byeong tells her that the reason he likes her is because she resembles an alien! Yang goes to kick him several times, but he dodges and eventually gets a chance to explain.

To Byeong an alien is something special and precious to him, and the fact that when she ate the rice cake Yang looked like an alien to him (Ha!). This seems to make Yang happy, but she pretends to be a put out, saying it would be better if she was Sigourney Weaver.

In voiceover Yang thinks about how the Queen alien is important and loved by Byeong, much like in reality. She then explains that there is no rule for love.

Additional Comments:

It was interesting to see Byeong more involved in an episode, even if he was a bit passive at times. However, concerning his relationship with Yang, I think it is getting more sweet and he is starting to understand what kind of things she likes to hear. I would like his character to develop more in this kind of manner, and that doesn’t mean giving him more screen time than Yang, just more integration and growth sounds good to me.

I am pretty excited to see where this drama is heading now, the first few episodes were a bit hit and miss, but I think the ball has started rolling now and hopefully the next 4 episodes keep the momentum up.

Thank you for reading~


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