Scholar Who Walks The Night (Episode 6) Recap~

This poor empty post has been in my drafts for 3 months… And now is time to fill it! But seriously, why is YangSun such a hard name for me to remember? Maybe SungYeol isn’t hard because of the Infinite member who shares the same name keeps it in my mind…?

This was a good episode and once again I struggle to really hate Gwi even though he does some terrible things, solely based on whose face this character has… call me shallow, I don’t mind, I’ve kind of accepted it haha ^^”

The episode opens with a frantic HoJin (while SungYeol is strolling behind him) running around the market trying to find YangSun, by asking is they have seen a short man with big eyes and pale skin (why doesn’t he ask by name?).

Meanwhile, it’s safe to say those booksellers are not having a fun night with Gwi. Especially when two of their colleagues become vampires, and with a strong nudge from Gwi, start attacking them.

Having found out where YangSun had gone, SungYeol finds the necklace he gave her (and his worry level rises!). He orders HoJin to go back to SooHyang (who is currently having an awkward meeting with the defense minister) and find YangSun.

how'd you get here so quickHowever, SungYeol does that on his own, when he heads to the bookshop. YangSun is shocked to see him and falls from the ladder, but SungYeol vampire-dashes to catch her.

YangSun is confused by SungYeol’s anger at her being there and explains that because she is leaving soon, she wants to help find the diary one last time. His anger having subsided a little (I mean how can you be angry at an upset little pumpkin?!) SungYeol puts her necklace around her neck and tells her not to lose it ever again (even he’s fed up of returning it to her haha). 

They are then walking outside and SungYeol notices that YangSun is behind and struggling to keep up, so he changes his pace so that she can walk beside him (I need a moment… this is too darn cute *intense squealing*).

YangSun stops and watches as SungYeol continues and thinks about the “dream”. SungYeol stops and turns, wondering why she isn’t moving. YangSun asks (in a shy and embarrassed manner) if SungYeol visited her at the pub, and if he gave her leather shoes. She tells him she could have been hallucinating, but it didn’t feel like a dream.

She hold her hands to her chest and recalls when she felt his heartbeat and promptly thinks about what happened after (we weren’t shown the kiss scene again *sulks* :p). YangSun then says:

“Even when I’m awake, I imagine so many things. Is this a dream, or is it not?”

he is so enjoying this!As SungYeol won’t say anything, but just stares at her, YangSun declares that it must have been a dream. She laughs off her questions and tells him she was just confused when she saw the shoes. Knowing the conversation is over SungYeol starts walking again (without saying anything), but he looks amused. Meanwhile, YangSun is hitting herself (and exuding aegyo) for bringing the topic up.

The pair get to YangSun’s home (he walked her home :3) and YangSun tells him that she is leaving tomorrow and that she already has a job prepared. YangSun says that they may not see each other for a long time (which upset SungYeol as well) and she tells him to keep looking for the diary to find who he is looking for. And most importantly she tells him to stay healthy.

SungYeol says ‘thanks’. And follows that basically with ‘good job’. YangSan tells him that even though the time was short, she is thankful for meeting and trying to help him. (So much awkwardness and staring and not enough kissing and by not enough I mean none at all!).

go capture yourselfYoon, while looking at empty boxes, thinks back to the conversation he had with his grandfather. The King told him that he must catch Lustful Student before, and without the help of, the ministers investigation group. He tells Yoon that if he does not, he could lose his right to the throne.

Back in the present, HakYoung comes in with the news that they have been unable to find any flyers, and that they went missing in the daytime. Yoon considers this information and concludes that there must be another vampire who can walk in the sun.

Yoon then asks if YangSun has been found.

Talking of YangSun, she is currently packing up her books, when she finds a book with several drawings inside. They are moments that could be real or not. She is then saddened at not having to leave. DamYi tells her to pack with her in the morning and YangSun gets into bed, and snuggles up to her sister.

DamYi ask YangSun if she has said goodbye to the children and that she is sure YangSun will miss them a lot. YangSun agrees, and her oncoming tears are not just for the children she will miss.

SooHyang approaches SungYeol and tells him that she got another list of slaves. He thanks her and then tells her to find somewhere for YangSun to stay before catching the boat tomorrow. SooHyang asks if she can stay with him, not as a woman, but a friend. She tells him that she will find a different way to protect YangSun if he doesn’t want her to go so far.

SungYeol explains that YangSun reminds him of his human self because she is full of persistence and hope. Even so, he tells SooHyang to send her away.

i was too good a bookseller darnitA friend of YangSun’s father tells them that everyone knows YangSun sold the most copies of Lustful Student’s books so she is in danger. Therefore, she should stay at his house and then go to Tamna (aka JeJudo) the following day (but why do they seem surprised, they knew they were leaving anyway). 

Meanwhile, YangSun has a new bodyguard she doesn’t know about. Yoon has told his personal bodyguard that his sole job is to protect YangSun and if any trouble should befall her then said bodyguard will be responsible.

On the way to the guards station, passes HyeRyeong, whom he gives back her dropped handkerchief. Yoon is angered by a guard not giving him the details of what has occurred there, and is not further impressed when CheolJoong appears (Gwi’s pet minister) and tells Yoon he ordered the guard not to tell anyone about the investigation. Yoon does not like being referred to as just anyone, but he comes back with some passive aggressiveness by telling the minister to be careful and leave no room for doubt, as the people are weary and rumours may spread that the booksellers were killed by a vampire.

We then jump to SungYeol watching from a distance as the booksellers burn in a hole dug for the bodies.

Yoon is in disbelief when is told that the booksellers fought with swords and is also suspicious about the death of a royal concubine (who we saw Gwi kill in front of the King). Yoon says that he needs to confirm his belief that that the deaths were Gwi’s doing, but sends HakYoung somewhere first.

Meanwhile, YangSun’s newly appointed bodyguard has his work cut out for him, as YangSun is running round town shopping and be the least inconspicuous person present! She doesn’t get caught (who knows how) and is happy to find something that she will gift to SungYeol.

The latter, who is currently watching what appears to be a wrestling match. HoJin tells him that most of the slaves were sold off to this business and that the reputation for how the owner treats them is horrendous.

They meet with the owner, who SungYeol gives half the money he requests, but is disappointed to find that the slaves he is looking for ran away. A year ago. The owner leaves the room and tells them to stay to watch the fight.

HoJin is angered by the mans attitude and has some words to say to him (when he’s gone haha). SungYeol, who had spotted the bookshelf earlier, goes over to investigate and is curious as to why difficult books on political strategy are there.

SungYeol follows the fighting ring owner (FRO) to a hidden shack in the woods, where he sees a few shocking things. Firstly he sees the one-armed-merchant (who I will be calling Choi DoGab from now on – maybe then I won’t be so confused ^^”). Secondly, he finds out the man is talking to the CP Yoon and that he is most probably Lustful Student (at least I assume he does, or SungYeol really needs to give back his scholar status).

Inside the shack Yoon tells FRO to go ahead with spreading more flyers tomorrow.

SungYeol then follows Yoon back into town. The building Yoon enters contains a hidden route that leads to his home on the opposite side of the street.

Meanwhile, HyeReong is on a mission to overfeed and kill some fish, which she succeeds in doing. This angers her father, minister CheolJoong (he’s her father?! That kind of makes sense), who comes outside. HyeReong begins to walk away, which angers him further.

HyeReong turns and asks how she can see him as her father when he gave her to a vampire to further his career.

Yoon, who is on his way to a meeting, decides to skip it when he hears YangSun call out to him (the poor thing has a “cold” and YangSun called him ‘hyungnim’ how could he go). 

They head to a place to sit down and Yoon brings up the idea of a contract. YangSun explains that she intends to pay him back, which is why she risked finding him to tell him she was leaving, but starts to write what Yoon tells her to that twice a month she has to write him a letter telling him how she is.

Yoon (who looks like a sad little puppy) think about what he wants to say to her: that she should be well and never be sick, to eat and sleep well. Instead he tells her to come back soon.

YangSun explains that she can do everything else, but coming back quickly will be hard, especially because of her ill sister. However, Yoon assures her that he will make it happen.

Meanwhile, HoJin is shocked to hear that the Crown Prince is Lustful Student, on the basis that he basically just sees him as a scholar who draw obscene pictures! SooHyang suggests that SungYeol explain everything to Yoon and then work together. SungYeol doesn’t dismiss this notion, but needs to confirm that WaeSon has the so this is where the diary isdiary first (who is WaeSon?! I’m so confused at this point at who this person is… names are not my thing ^^”).

We then change scene to watch YangSun’s father head back to his house (well we know where she got her ‘sneaking’ techniques from!). He digs and comes across a box with holds the diary. He also has half of Yoon’s paint brush box. In voiceover he vows that he can never hand it over to the Crown Prince for the sake of YangSun. He wants her to live forever as his daughter (is she not his daughter?! Is she a secret daughter of Sadongs? I mean we are in dramaland here! haha :p).

Talking of YangSun, she has headed to SungYeol’s home, who only appears after she is leaving. In one of his rooms, SungYeol reads the letter and opens the gift she left:

Gwi is strolling through the streets, holding YangSun’s bag and wondering if SungYeol has eaten the bookseller he can’t find.

Who just happens to then walk past him. Gwi takes only a little interest; at first. He recognises the necklace after she has walked off and wonders if SungYeol has hidden the booksellers scent (1. Gwi’s outfit is on point, 2. even shady vamps can talk to themselves in the middle of the street, 3. how can someone be so good-looking?!). 

Somehow knowing that YangSun is in danger, he appears and drags her around as they hide from Gwi. The latter notes that event the necklace does not hide all of her scent. However, he passes them by (can’t Gwi just smell SungYeol?…).

SungYeol tells YangSun (who is sure that this isn’t a dream) to go to Eum Seok Gol immediately and not to leave until daytime. He then goes off to have a chat with Gwi (who is happy to see him, no jokes he says himself haha).

Gwi asks SungYeol if has finally come out of hiding because of a bookseller. SungYeol says he can find out if he follows him. Gwi does just that, but stops, asking if he is being lured (you ask that after you start following?!). He then asks if the bookseller is Lustful Student, considering how much trouble SungYeol is going to protect ‘him’.

vamp fangs activate!A smirk precedes SungYeol’s answer. He asks if Gwi is scared that the bookseller may have the secret plan. Gwi basically shrugs the comment off, relaying what he has said time and time again; there is no secret plan that can kill him. SungYeol is then angered by Gwi’s plan to capture his ‘food toy’ (aka YangSun) and the pair clash.

However, SungYeol’s skills are no match for Gwi’s, which Gwi helpfully points out is due to SungYeol not feeding on human blood.

While Gwi is holding a one-sided conversation with himself, SungYeol gets out of his grasp and snatches YangSun’s bag off him. The pair continue to run and fight (JoonKi does not suit that wig at all!).

Amidst all this, YangSun has made her way to Eum Seok Gol (which is SungYeol’s home). HoJin comes out to meet her, and is very stressed and worried at SungYeol not being with her.

The sky has gotten lighter when SungYeol reaches a cliff edge and throws YangSun’s bag over the edge. He drops down and Gwi, who is following him still, it hit with the pain of the rising sun. SungYeol gets out his hawthorn knife and gets a few blows in, however, fueled by rage Gwi manages to stab SungYeol with the blade and flee.

SungYeol starts spewing up blood and collapses on the ground.

However, Gwi is not able to flee far as the sun does not allow him to leave the shelter of the woods canopy. Gwi notes that SungYeol should not be able to survive the blood loss he is surely going through.

As the sun has risen fully into the sky now, it seems both vampires have someone worrying about them. For Gwi, HyeReong looks worried as she leaves the palace where he has not returned. As for SungYeol, YangSun is worried and wishes to help SooHyang and HoJin frantically search for him. However, HoJin tells her that the best way for her to help is to do nothing.

Before the pair leave to search further, SooHyang threatens to not leave her in peace if something bad has happened to SungYeol.

Meanwhile, YangSun’s bodyguard must have been paid off as he relates, to Yoon, that he saw YangSun and her family board a ship. The bodyguard leaves the room and HakYoung brings up the situation with the booksellers and his fears that Gwi is going on a killing spree again. Yoon notes that this is all because of the Lustful Student and for that the people may hate him more than Gwi.

grandad is not happyFrom one royal to another, we see the King at Yoon’s town house and more specifically looking at the secret passageway. The bodyguard tells the King that he saw Yoon having a secret meeting with Lustful Student and that he had been told to guard a bookseller.

Back to the search and we see HoJin stumbing through the woods shouting for his master (I feel so sorry for him, SungYeol is basically his life. I really want to know his backstory!). Said master is slowly making his way through the woods (he isn’t dead! What a shock… haha ^^”).

With only a little way to go before he reaches his destination, SungYeol collapses. However, YangSun rushes to his side (looks like she was not content to just sit around. Good girl!). He points and mumbles where he wants to go (which I think is HaeSeo’s old house…).

In the hut she sits him against the wall. YangSun tells him she will get a doctor, but he tells her to leave as people will arrive soon. SungYeol asks her if she had a boat to catch, to which YangSun tells him she can’t leave him like this. SungYeol then loses consciousness (seriously, he can’t be dead… he’s the male lead). 

Additional Comments:

We had some cute moments between our leads this episode, but of course there was an underlying sense of Joseon politics and intrigue. It’s not just the stunning wardrobe and beautiful scenery that shows that you are watching a Sageuk.

On the politics side we see Yoon making decisions and using his power to go about his business without letting on to his grandfather and the rest of the ministers. However, for some reason his bodyguard has decided to take what he has learnt to the King. Why did he suddenly do this? Is he angry at the innocent people who have been killed because of Lustful Student and that is why he has given up some of Yoon’s secrets? Or it is money and/or corruption?

On the subject of Lustful Student, we had SungYeol find out that Yoon is LS. And we also saw where the JongHyun’s diary is: with YangSun’s father, who has no intentions of giving it to anyone. This raised some questions for me, mainly why is he digging it up? No-one has a clue where it is, so please tell me you buried it again! I doubt he did though… *sigh*. Also, is YangSun his daughter? Does YangSun have a case of amnesia about her childhood?

As well as this I have some questions about HyeReong. I got the impression Gwi has been “looking after” her since she was a child, so before she looked like ‘MyungHee’ as he knew her. So was she leverage, so that the minister would do as he said? But why did Gwi want her in the first place and how would giving someone your child better your political career? Or I may just be wrong about the first bit.

To be honest, I feel like I am wrong on several counts, but hopefully these recaps make sense and you aren’t as confused as me, because of me!



Thank you for reading~


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