Scholar Who Walks The Night (Episode 6) Recap~

This poor empty post has been in my drafts for 3 months… And now is time to fill it! But seriously, why is YangSun such a hard name for me to remember? Maybe SungYeol isn’t hard because of the Infinite member who shares the same name keeps it in my mind…?

This was a good episode and once again I struggle to really hate Gwi even though he does some terrible things, solely based on whose face this character has… call me shallow, I don’t mind, I’ve kind of accepted it haha ^^”

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Scholar Who Walks The Night (Episode 4) Recap~

It has been a long time since I watched any of this drama, so with fresh new eyes I’m delving back in! Also, that new opening… ahhhh *angel singing*. It is glorious, intense and I actually made an audible ‘wahh’ when it ended.

Lee JoonGi’s intensity that he brings to his role is phenomenal. I believe every emotion that he portrays. An amazing actor whose work I definitely need to watch!

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Scholar Who Walks The Night (Episode 3) Recap~

This by far is my favourite episode (that may definitely be because of the waterfall/rain scenes… :p)~

The characters are really forming very nicely, as are the relationships.

This episode felt a lot lighter, but that may be due to how frequent our two mains spent time together. There were a lot of cute moments that made me squeal and SungYeol continues to save YangSun which never hurts.

Saying that, there are definite darker elements. As I’ve said before, this drama is doing well at balancing the humour and dark sides of the story.

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