Scholar Who Walks The Night (Episode 5) Recap~

It has been so long since I recapped a SWWTN episode. I even had to go back and read my own recaps (to be fair someone has to haha ^^”). But for some reason I suddenly got pumped to go back to Sageuk land ♥

SungYeol finds YangSun sleeping at a desk. He notices a piece of paper and picks it up. YangSun wrote “Do not look for me again” and after which “mean scholar” and “bad guy”. In his study, SungYeol, pours a powder over the cuts and grimaces in pain as smoke comes off his hand. He reads YangSun’s words again and his expression is one of conflict.

Out in the streets, the flyer outing that a vampire is in control of the throne, is still causing a ruckus. However, with a strong gust of “wind” the flyers are gone. And it isn’t just here as we see it happen to some scholars as well.

father son bonding over deadly vampireThe scene moves to Yoon, who explains that before he died, his father told him about Gwi. Sadong tells a  young Yoon, that he has found a way to kill Gwi, but if something happens to him, Yoon should find YeongDo and check JungHyung’s diary.

We then see Yoon checking to see that his father is truly dead (why must you do this to me, I have seen this man dead so many times, don’t add a crying little boy into the mix *cries*). Yoon notes, while he voices over the past, that the bodies had the same vampire bite marks he has seen since.we should not be here

The accompanying servant grabs Yoon and hurries to hide when he notices others approaching the room. The council member who is close to Gwi, tells the King basically not to do anything unwise, but the council member closest to the King stands up to that statement, saying the King would not, as he has already sacrificed his son to keep the throne.

Back in the present, Yoon explains to HakYoung that they did not find the diary and they both come to the conclusion that Gwi must be looking for it as well.

The pair’s discussion is interrupted as a couple of Yoon’s men come in with bad news. Someone has been killed and Choi Gab (who is apparently looking for the diary also, although I fail to recall this person… am I meant to know him?) has gone missing.

The dead man apparently somehow gets into SungYeol’s possession. The dead man has tattoos which show that he is a slave, but also a bodyguard casual conversion around a dead guyto the Crown Prince Sadong. SungYeol wants to know if there are any more who somehow survived after Sadong died and if that could lead to finding out who Lustful Student is.

After giving this task to SooHyang, he turns to HoJin to find out more about the ‘one handed man’ who apparently lives in isolation. HoJin is instructed to get more people to find him. SungYeol is determined to succeed before Gwi does.

YangSun is awake and we see that she is amazed that her foot wound has healed. She thinks of when SungYeol bandaged it for her and goes to reapply it, but our little heroine reminds herself of how he basically said not to contact him. YangSun is about to throw the bandage onto the table, but is flustered to see that her flyer is missing.

We then see SungYeol proceed to burn flyers, and even throws her one onto the fire as well (although he seems to think about it more). YangSun is then in the street, chatting with the other bookselling hyungs. We hear that the guards took their flyers (but wasn’t it the wind…) and one wonders if the guards even went so far as to go into the bookshop to take hers. Thankfully one makes sense, knowing that YangSun would be in trouble if that had happened.

The group begin to chat about how it has been weird lately, listing all the things that link to vampires. When YangSun boldly states that the government is ruled by a vampire, the rest disagree. Nothing more can be said on this as YangSun spots her father (who looks very worse for wear!!). 

sad appaIn the bookshop he tells her to quit the job, knowing that the diary is a dangerous book. While Prince Sadong was alive he searched for the book, but when Sadong died, he was forced into hiding. He reassures her that this is not the case anymore as only Sadong (who is very much dead) and WaeSon (who is the ahjusshi… I think I sad yangsunmay have been confused… WaeSon is not the guy who went to that island… no? Then who was he? Anyhoo… ^^”) are the only people who know his connection to the diary.

This leads YangSun to ask about WaeSon who has been missing for 5 days, but her father waves it off and says that there must have been a shipment that has kept him (yeah, because that wasn’t a suspicious delivery!). He once again tells her to quit the job with the Scholar, pleading that if someone finds about him, their whole family will die.

SooHyang is pouring tea for the Defense Minister. Apparently this guy is a loan shark to the poor and has sided with the Prime Minister (who I assume is the one that keeps sucking up to Gwi? To be honest I literally only know about 5 names, but it’s a bad thing he’s with that guy). sketchy meeting from above

Sungyeol signals to SooHyang and she opens a case full of money. SungYeol says it’s to thank the Minister for giving him his time. The Minister then hands over an envelope labelled “list of slaves related to the government”. As a thank you (and sort of a way to keep him quiet and in pocket for future use I suppose), another case of money has been provided for the minister.

As they are leading the minister outside, YangSun walks up to the Gisaeng House intent on following her fathers words. SungYeol looks at her, but blanks her and even returns into the building without a further glance (rude). Instead, it is SooHyang who approaches her (looking very smug). soohyang is so beautiful. not relevant but trueYangSun holds out the money SungYeol gave her to find the book to give it back. SooHyang tells her to keep the money, saying that she will use her in the future if she needs a book. YangSun tries to refuse, which angers SooHyang. However, YangSun tells her that they would have to meet often if she were to do enough tasks to pay back the 200 nyang, implying that neither (mostly she) would enjoy nor want to do that (if looks could kill, there would be no hope for YangSun haha!)

So, it was SungYeol who got rid of all the flyers, but even still, talk of vampires is spreading. This unnerves SungYeol and he looks even more determined to find Lustful Student and protect the plan to kill Gwi. Talk turns to YangSun as SooHyang tells SungYeol, YangSun will no longer work for him.

In the streets, wanted posters are up and the two ‘loan sharks’ who harassed YangSun’s family are cowering behind a bush. One of the men wonders if that “scholar” really did tell the Crown Prince about the (HA!), but the other man seems confident that they will be alright. However, the pair jump as they start to walk away and YangSun is before them, waving her pouch of money.

They are pretty dumbfounded at her request to pay the debt, and the younger man goes to strike YangSun. Thankfully, the elder blocks him and says not to harm someone who has connections to the Crown Prince. Of course, YangSun has no idea what they are talking about.

Also, walking through the streets are Yoon and HakYoung. The latter tells Yoon that talk of Gwi is spreading. For Yoon this is a good thing as he believes they have a right to know, but also, if they do know, they may stand up and rise against Gwi.

Yoon spots something is immediately intrigued, of course the the scene moves to show us YangSun being failed admittance into a building. Yoon is keen to investigate why YangSun is there and HakYoung gives in and lets him (not before reminding of a prior engagement in the evening).

peekabooHe sneaks right up to her, while she is has a handkerchief over her face to help with the heat, shocking her when he de-handkerchiefs her face. However, YangSun is all smiles and happily lets Yoon help her up. YangSun then, once again waves her money at someone, however, before she can give the money to Yoon, guards come charging down the street on horseback.

Yoon is thus able to do to the ‘twirl female-lead from danger and hug’. I know your secret but you don't know I knowAnd just like that, Yoon knows that YangSun is a woman. Once the danger has ceased, they part and YangSun tries to give him the money, however, Yoon is having none of that. He calls her proud (in a fancy way of course haha ^^”) and the pair laugh. YangSun does want to repay him the money, and Yoon has a way for that to happen. He wants her to call him “hyungnim”. YangSun is uncomfortable with, but Yoon is insistent.

and poseEventually she succeeds (albeit very quietly), and Yoon is ecstatic. He takes the money, and upon noticing her footwear asks about the interest. We then see the pair approach a market stall of shoes (when asking about the size, Yoon looked at her feet and tried to measure with his hands – cute!). While Yoon requests a certain size, YangSun is happily trying on a new hat. While the pair are talking, Yoon notices the cut on her cheek and asks about it.

Very seriously, YangSun answers ‘This is the proof of my survival.’ She tells him of the afternoon where she went to get the new Lustful Student book. Yoon is interested, especially when YangSun mentions they were saved by fake guards, and that the house they took shelter at was burnt to the ground when she went back.

look at this cute squishy babyYoon asks if she supports someone wanted for treason. At first YangSun is shocked and denies it, but her true thoughts come out. In YangSun’s mind Lustful Student’s work has meant people have learnt to read in order to read his book and then they are able to read others and learn. It all comes back to YangSun’s philosophy that reading and knowledge allows for a better world (I love her so much! I also love the fact that Yoon is practically basking in all the indirect praise haha!).

YangSun then thinks about the flyer and how the story was unbelievable. Yoon sobers up and asks her why she appreciates Lustful Student’s work, but doesn’t believe him. YangSun wants to believe and is a little upset with herself, but she can’t get over the fact that a vampire in the palace is hard to believe.

you are in trouble nowBefore they can discuss this any further, Yoon notices someone watching him in a small mirror. He grabs her arm and runs down the busy street. In a small sidestreet, the man seems to have lost them, but is soon surrounded by a few of Yoon’s men. A few metres back, YangSun is not sure what is going on, but Yoon simply reassures her that he has been unsafe recently, so bought them along for safety.

He tells Yangsun to stay where she is while he moves forward.

Yoon gives the order for the man to be arrested, however, he pleads that he was not following Yoon, but YangSun (and here is where I remember that he is the one SooHyang sent after her… I’m so clever ^^”).

And talking of SooHyang, we see the man knelt before her in the Gisaeng House courtyard. YangSun is furious. SooHyang is calm as she slaps the man several times to the ground and tells him never to appear before him again. She thinks this will defuse YangSun’s anger, but only reinforces it as YangSun knows that whoever ordered his actions is in the wrong. And that she deserves an answer.

SooHyang, not used to being talked back to by who she deems as inferior becomes even icier, but before she can make a complete dig at the fact YangSun dresses as a man, SungYeol appears with “I ordered it.”. 

Now alone, SungYeol repeats himself (YangSun looks so hurt, that poor baby!). His reason being that he thinks YangSun is hiding important information from him, added with the fact that she quit meant he thought she was suspicious. SungYeol tells her to leave as he begins to walk away. However, YangSun has a knack for getting him to turn back and she does so this time by telling him that she wanted to find the book for him.

YangSun is upset that even though she was paid, she could do nothing for him. She goes to give the money back, but her sleeve is empty. The person she accidentally left it with appears just in time. SungYeol is shocked to recognise the Crown Prince and wonders his connection to YangSun.has hojin sparked some love worry in sungyeol SungYeol takes the money and watches as Yoon takes YangSun by the wrist and leads her away and he doesn’t look happy about either event. HoJin comes up the path and notes that the person with YangSun will fall in love with her also (I love SungYeol’s face when he said that, he’s like ‘excuse me?’). HoJin remembers that YangSun had mistaken Yoon’s room for SungYeol’s and had asked him to write an obscene book (I can’t tell if the look SungYeol gives is a) CP better not further corrupt my bookseller or b) CP = Lustful Student epiphany).

perfect impersonation! gold star! brillant!Yoon and YangSun are sharing a drink, while YangSun is moaning about SungYeol (I love that she even imitates that way he looks at her ha!). She is totally immersed in talking about the bad things about SungYeol, but when Yoon suggests he get someone to scare SungYeol for his behaviour, YangSun gives him a backhug to stop him from making the suggestion a reality.

At first Yoon is shocked (she called him Hyungnim?! I’m shocked too!), but backhug!!doesn’t hate the experience. YangSun tells him that SungYeol saved her life 3 times. Yoon playfully says that it doesn’t make him feel good to have her hug him, but talk of another man. A little flustered, YangSun lets go, but is happy to realise he did all this to make her feel better.

They sit and YangSun soon notes that he is staring at her again. However, she mistakes the gooey eyes for him just remarking at her resemblance to his friend once again. This time Yoon says that the more he sees her the more the resemblance has faded. YangSun begins to talk about something which happened 200 years ago, but is cut off by Yoon who vows to be payed back the 200 nyang once their obscene picture book is published.

In the background, we spot a peeping Sungyeol who looks upset by YangSun’s comfort in the company of Yoon.

drinking buddiesWe then shift YangSun and Yoon surrounded by many bottles and the former is proud to mention that it is she who can take the most alcohol over the other booksellers. That she reluctantly began to drink to show that she was “real man”. They decide to have a drinking match, however, Yoon has to leave for his prior engagement. YangSun agrees that they will do it next time and happily whispers “hyungnim” to him (no drunk habits, sure! haha so cute~).

Gwi is apparently bored and is happy to see HyeRyeong, but the same can’t be said for her. Especially as Gwi has an interesting form of conversation that includes inhaling deeply and promptly telling her how hard it is for him not to eat her because she smells so good (smooth Gwi smooth… ^^”).

To change topic, HyeRyeong hands him one of the flyers, Gwi is not pleased to say the least.

yangsun is sad again sadfaceMeanwhile, YangSun who is a little upset with herself for drinking too much, thinks back to when SungYeol realises it must be hard for her to pretend to be a man. In her now upset state, she reveals, to the surrouding air, that she is scared that she may give up soon because her family situation is not improving as she thought it would.

This is when SungYeol finally comes over and sits down, of course our drunk little YangSun doesn’t think he is real. She admits that even though she is upset, she is still worried about him, YangSun even wonders if she likes him which shocks SungYeol.

In the next scene, the table is empty as Yoon arrives back (I so thought he was going to walk in on SungYeol kissing YangSun!). He sits down, and opens the box he is carrying, beautiful new shoes, and wonders if she got home safely.

painful vampy sensesSooHyang waits for SungYeol to return and once he does she apologises for what happened earlier. He simply tells her not to do his job anymore and that she needs to find a safe place for YangSun to go. While walking over to the table, SungYeol stops and braces himself against the wall, while clutching his chest. SungYeol’s eyes turn red and he knows that there is murderous energy coming from the palace.

Of course the vampire culprit is Gwi, as we see him kill a young woman while the King watches on. After the woman is dead, the King tells Gwi he should have killed him instead, but ever the businessman, Gwi can’t kill a King and besides Lustful Student hasn’t been found're king so what

Talking of Lustful Student, Gwi’s pet minister hands him the flyer which has filled Gwi with curiosity. The King says that he will keep  protecting his own throne, and won’t let whoever wrote the flyer change that. Gwi is not satisfied with words. He orders the King to hand over the investigation into the Lustful Student to his pet minister and in the future there may be a time where he reconsiders what he wants to do with the throne.

Outside, SungYeol watches on as servants carry the dead girl out of the lair opening. He is appalled that Gwi has started to attack the King’s people.

Meanwhile, YangSun has woken up, confused to find herself lying on a bench in her home courtyard. However, she is more confused to see herself wearing some cute new shoes.

YangSun then recalls them being outside and SungYeol putting the new shoes onto her feet, while she is making gooey faces at him! (I love her so much, Yubi is adorable ♥). And then SungYeol smiled at her, he smiled people! At her, right at her! Which is something YangSun picks up on, of course this confirms at the time her thoughts that this whole things is a dream.

YangSun notes that SungYeol is better in her dreams (HA!) and then she thinks back to when they kissed in her “dream” and she plants one on him! Much to SungYeol’s shock. YangSun smiles happily and says that her heart is fluttering even though she is dreaming.

She puts her hand to her chest and then the other to SungYeol’s and starts to make the sound of the heart. YangSun says that his heart is beating like hers (is he a vampire with a heartbeat?). She happily muses that she thinks this isn’t a dream because it feels too real. SungYeol, who looks kind of terrified, tells her it is a dream and then when she wakes she has to forget all about this. Then he does something I was not expecting, he kisses her ♥

Back home, SungYeol grips his chest and looks terrified yet again, this time I assume because his heart beating is not a normal occurrence. While not wearing his black robes which protect him from the sunlight, he makes his way into a sunlit room. He angrily throws that black robes to the floor, while he chastises himself because of what he desires.

In some ways this is to sort of punish himself, but more than that he is reminding himself that he is not human, but a vampire and a being which humans reject (this is so painfully sad).

YangSun uses her morning to look at her lips in the mirror and be confused over how her new shoes are leather. So YangSun continues to be cute.

On the more serious note, HoJin has discovered that WaeSon is not only the bookseller, but also the Crown Prince’s old bookseller. HoJin is given the task to see if WaeSon has been captured by the slave hunters who are currently searching for him.

Talking of WaeSon, he is having an awkward lunch with Yoon, whereby he neither speaks nor eats. Yoon, who seems genuinely concerned, tells him that he should eat and sleep and that they are not going to kill him. Yoon tells him that if he finds the diary to come to him and before he leaves briefly reminds the man of a time when he visited his home 10 years ago.

WaeSon simply hold back his tears.

err on second thoughtYangSun, with the shoes in tow, is outside SungYeol’s home. She is determined to get answers, however, once the doors open and SungYeol unexpectedly starts to walk out, YangSun’s eyes bulge and without a word she turns round and walks off (omg her face pahaha!). HoJin starts to shout after YangSun, but SungYeol tells him to let her be.

They walk past YangSun, whose hiding spot is a thin tree, much to HoJin’s confusion. YangSun wonders if she is ill because she couldn’t make eye contact.

At the Gisaeng House, SooHyang tells SungYeol that she has found a place for YangSun and her family to go, a place that also has a doctor that should be able to treat her sister. SungYeol agrees with the destination (Jejudo) as it means a long distance and more safety for YangSun from Gwi.

Conversation moves to Sadong’s guards and apparently they became a part of the a military in a different part of the country. SooHyang suggests he ask the Defense Minister and a local government official who he is meeting with this evening.

An out of breath HoJin disrupts the conversation and we then watch as his bad news unfolds. Booksellers who are selling illegal books, and those who are buying them, are being rounded by guards.

Oblivious to this, YangSun is giving some children some books to read and expects them to have learnt them by the next time she comes back. When guards enter the street and shout over to her, she tells the children to run. However, one of the children falls over and YangSun changes route and leads him into a building.

YangSun watches as a guard picks up the book the child dropped and her protective necklace that she dropped (was this thing not around her neck?!). The guard comes into the building and we watch as YangSun hides with her arms around the child.

While SungYeol is looking over a courtyard from a roof, we hear HoJin explain that most of the people arrested were set free, all except the booksellers.

SungYeol wonders why there are no guards and is then shocked to see Gwi.

Gwi walks out and picks a bookseller at random to ask if the bag Gwi is holding belongs to the bookseller. After saying no, Gwi leans close to the bookseller, but holds back and rises. The owner of the bag (YangSun) has a sweet scent according to Gwi and he wants to know if that person is here. Gwi notices a bookseller looking around, one of YangSun’s hyungs, and grabs him and proceeds to feed.

Additional Comments:

Coming back to this drama makes happy as it is such an easy world to fall into. Even though I didn’t remember some people, I could easily follow what was going on and most of the time my memory came back.

So, the love triangle is getting a bit more pronounced. I do like Yoon, but I’m sorry, have you been watching what I have because then you surely ship YangSun with SungYeol. Right?

Well I do! They are so cute and I cannot wait for them to get to know each other as the drama progresses.

This episode for me was about setting up the romance (and slightly the love triangle) and then boom at the end we get our first big obstacle for our main leads to overcome. The guards, and most importantly, Gwi is after YangSun and now he is actively doing something to find her.

That necklace. Why was it not around her neck?! How can someone lose something so big so many times?! And of course this is going to find its way to Gwi and of course it will lead to SungYeol and then my precious pumpkin, SungYeol.

I love the main set of characters and I’m super interested in seeing the relationships change and form throughout this drama. It goes without saying I am interested in SungYeol/YangSun, but also Gwi/HyeRyeong. There is something there which I think will cause some interesting character development, especially for Gwi.

Talking of character development, I am super intrigued to see if SooHyang stays on the good side and is not moved in some ways, mostly her jealousy, to switch things up a bit.

I thought it was so sad when SungYeol uses the pain that sunlight causes him to remind him that he cannot desire YangSun in any way because he is not human. I thought this was very telling of his character and how through the years he has really hardened after what happened when he was human and then became a vampire. The emotional scope of SungYeol is very large and I look forward to seeing just how large it is.

Also, does HoJin not know YangSun is a woman?! I mean, I understand that he is a little slow, but really? It seems like he doesn’t and I kind of love him more for that. I really want to know how HoJin came to be in SungYeol’s company.

On a final note, I am super excited to see where this drama takes me!

Thank you for reading~


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    • I know right!! And I found it so umexpected, plus normally we have to wait a while for kisses (which I will admit is gradually changing). And the fluttery goodness of the kiss was juxtaposed with his pain at not being human. I have a feeling these two are going to be one of my favourite couples. Sorry for the rant and thank you ^^

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