Witch’s Romance | Ep 4-6 | Thoughts!

It’s “Thoughts Time” and hopefully, I can make the notes on my phone into some sort of comprehensible blog post. Let’s see if that happens! *spoilers and ramblings within* 🙂

Episode 4:

WRep4-00011This episode concluded the actor scandal which involved JiYeon’s university Sunbae. This episode started with JiYeon in the hospital, with a worried DongHa by her side. I love that we get a sort of parallel at the hospital. DongHa is genuine in his concern and is by her side, while the Troublemaker stooges at the company aren’t and they come face to face with the shaman! Of course that means hilarity ensues – I love Narsha in this role so much!

We already know that JiYeon is very stubborn and fights until the end, but we see a side of DongHa that is a little scary as well. He is not a happy bunny that JiYeon was hurt in her own home and threatens the guy that did it. Is his family rich? Or a gang? So many questions!

The investigation into the actor becomes the job of Glasses, Witch and Cutie (for normal people: YoungSik, JiYeon and DongHa) and I love that even though she has to do a punishment if she doesn’t get the information for the front page of the magazine, she doesn’t write the article for the sake of her sunbae.

We definitely see in this episode the budding feelings that DongHa has for JiYeon, especially as he forces her to move into his apartment for her own safety. Of course there is something that is getting in the way of him committing to them (and that is seen in the next two episodes as well). And there is the fact that we are seeing so much more depth to JiYeon and how her mind works.

This is definitely shown in Episode 5:

DongHa replaces the frame for the polar bear photo that JiYeon treasures and they have a discussion about why she has kept it. I love that this shows the maturity of DongHa and that they can have meaningful conversations despite the age gap. However, it is somewhat frustrating that she is put into situations where she tells him about her, but it hardly happens the other way round (I guess it adds to the suspense?) 

We then head to a work getaway, where all the members of Troublemaker go to have some competitive fun! Due to overhearing a conversation where JiYeon hears that someone close to DongHa needs money for a hospital operation, she goes all in! I loved the parallels. She may be competitive at the company and in her work, but she couldn’t care less about the games until now and I loved visually seeing the differences.

EunChae (the new intern) is evidently ill and Jiyeon has a rather understated way of showing concern and isn’t very gentle… which DongHa doesn’t appreciate because he assumes she doesn’t care and just wants to win the prize. Of course after her getting lost looking for EunChae (she runs away after being confronted by a bully from her past) and DongHa saving her, this misunderstanding is cleared up and the sexual tension is back!

However, this is interrupted by the events of the latter half of the episode. DongHa is confronted by the fact that he forgot YoungChae’s memorial, him going and the heartbreaking encounter with her mother and then finding out that JiYeon has cut and repotted the flower he was given by YoungChae.

I can’t say this enough, but I love the mix of serious and comedy. It blends so well in these episodes and it doesn’t feel disjointed or jarring. Between DongHa’s pain, we have a hilarious scene between SoohChul and JiYeon and another hilarious scene with the latter and a botanist.

We are seeing DongHa confronting his past, while still trying to cling onto it. YoungChae and the flower, with it’s message from her, is something that he is going to have to come to terms with and at the moment he isn’t ready to hear what JiYeon has to say. In some ways this highlights his age.

Ps. work getaways are always the best because you know that there will be a wood for the female lead to get lost/hurt in and for the male lead to rescue her and a piggyback is inevitable and I trash, thank you and goodnight. hahaha

Episode 6:

Even though I’m a tad disappointed that we haven’t had much investigating, I’m still here for the angst and romance between JiYeon and DongHa (but I really hope we get more investigating and journalism stuff *crosses fingers*).

WRep6-00009We found out that DongHa was a medical student in ep 4 and that YoungChae had a weak heart in ep 5. In this episode we find out the couple made wishes on their 1 year anniversary and neither of these wishes came true. The fact that he couldn’t find a way to save her life is where his guilt and pain mostly stems and that is understandable. He also finds out that EunChae is YoungChae’s younger sister (which is not fun for her because she has a crush on him and I doubt he would date her now… this isn’t My Lovely Girl and I assume they get together because they were the mains but idk I dropped it…). 

WRep6-00029Thankfully, the sentiment of DongHa never wanting to see JiYeon again is scrapped, thanks to SooChul having no chill and telling DongHa how it is (but also she repotted his hyacinth in the original pot which made me so emotional!) . Due to their conversation DongHa starts to think about his own feelings and then starts imaging JiYeon is everywhere.

Meanwhile, JiYeon gets into a misunderstanding and ends up getting arrested with a jealous girlfriend thinking JiYeon was cheating with her boyfriend (the cameo of hilarious comedian GukJoo). Thankfully, NaRae comes to her rescue, but ends up causing another fight in the precinct… I love her so much!

The latter half returns to being super cute and hilarious, as we see DongHa becoming jealous of JiYeon’s blind date and then crashing the party JiYeon is attending with him. To be fair, it was great timing because she was so close to murdering her date! DongHa confesses his feelings and in front of her university friends who are all jealous and I was internally screaming hoping he was being genuine! All the while, JiYeon is in a state of shock, bless her.

And then! ShiHoon (who we saw arrive in South Korea a few episodes ago) randomly shows and the fourth player to our drama love square has arrived! I’m so intrigued to see why he left, because there was a flashback and they were so cute together! I found myself mad at the guy because I shipped them in that little clip, even with DongHa in the picture haha ^^”

All in all, these three episodes were a fun watch and we know from the angst dotted in these episodes we (definitely I) will be shedding tears later down the line! I’m on board with the romance, even if I am mad (see above). And I absolutely adore the fact that JiYeon is spending more time with NaRae and that she is letting herself lean on her friend. I cannot wait for the blossoming romance between JiYeon Eomma and the Troublemaker CEO because that will be hilarious and epic no doubt! And I really enjoy the interesting cinematography that is used in this drama to heighten the comedy.

Thank you for reading!~


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