Midnight’s Girl Overall Thoughts~

This webdrama certainly surprised me. Going in, I was excited, but a little nervous as this is my first webdrama. The fact that the episodes are often barely ten minutes long and there are only 8 episodes, I feared that I wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy the characters or plot.

I shouldn’t have been too worried, SeRa was wonderful and even though JiDan took a little while for me to really warm to, Nam Taehyun’s diva face was always there to make up for that :p

Picture6 Picture6

Picture3 Picture9

The plot was interesting, and given the small amount of time the webdrama has, I felt satisfied with where it went and how it ended. I also very much enjoyed the little mini-stories within “Four Beats” concerning the customers, I thought those were very enjoyable and caused some very hilarious moments!

The filming was rather quirky. The sound effects and visual effects made each episode very fun to watch.

I’m definitely happy that I watched this on a whim and will certainly be on the look out for more webdramas.

Hayleigh 🙂


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