Midnight’s Girl (Episode 8/Finale) Recap~

The final episode of this little webdrama was emotional, but overall left me smiling for ear to ear. I was not expecting to enjoy it so much and now I’m rather sad that it is so very short.

We again see JiDan looking at the photo on his phone, he then tries to call her, but gets no answer. He ponders that the phone must be broken and then leaves the shop.

Picture1 Picture2

As he walks into “Four Beats”, JiDan looks around at the white sheets covering everything. He asks KwangCheol if the place has to be used for storage, to which KwangCheol says that if he regrets it so much he should sell it for him, he also asks if he has become attached to the place. Instead of waiting for an answer KwangCheol tells JiDan to move some chairs.

While he goes to do so, the company president (from a previous episode) comes into the building. He asks if they are closing down and when KwangCheol says it looks that way, the man says he will buy it.

The man and KwangCheol go outside to talk more in depth, KwangCheol giddy and dancing as he does so. He also tells JiDan to wait for him.

Picture12 Picture7 Picture10 Picture2

JiDan then sits down and thinks about all the fun times he had with SeRa in “Four Beats” and smiles to himself.

Picture3He then tries to ring her again, just when he is about to hang up, someone answers.

Next thing we see is JiDan in the hospital room, SeRa’s mother introducing him to her unconscious body. We find out, the reason she is in the hospital, is because she was in a car accident and has been like this for four years (that is such a long time! Poor SeRa and her mother).

The mother hands him SeRa’s phone, which she says should have drained by now, but must have a little battery left somehow. She explains that JiDan is the first person that has called in four years.

JiDan then remembers when he first met SeRa and she said that he looked like someone she knew (and then takes it back, saying that person must be more handsome haha). We then go back further in JiDan’s memory, to him singing on some steps, in his school uniform. He doesn’t feel like his practising is going well, so stops Picture4and hears someone else practising, magic instead of music that is.

JiDan sees SeRa doing a magic trick (making flowers appear out of a black cloth. When she does it, JiDan claps and then walks over to her. He tells her that instead of using a flower, she should use something more interesting. JiDan gets a dolphin soft toy out of his pocket and offers it to SeRa.

SeRa then asks if she can listen to him practice. She uses his name and asks how she knows it. SeRa explains that she is a fan of his and has been for a long time. JiDan looks a little embarrassed, but happy.

Just then, BumGoo come running into the scene (ahh so they went to the same school!) and tells him that lots of girls from different schools have come to hear him play. He tells SeRa that he has to go (but he didn’t even ask SeRa her name… rude!)

Picture5Back to the present and JiDan is looking at the dolphin soft toy, while SeRa’s mother explains that SeRa said that they had to wait and see, that JiDan would be a good singer. That the mother even wanted that to happen, so that SeRa would be able to see him on tv. JiDan looks ready to burst into tears (this poor baby, SeRa has to get better! Right?)

He then realises that person she wanted to help, was him. We see the times where she supports him and urges him to sing. SeRa left while he slept, but stayed in his mind.

Picture6We then see JiDan on stage, a huge Super Voice 6 sign behind his head! The song he sings is about SeRa, a beautiful love song sung with emotion. We also get flashbacks to SeRa back at “Four Beats” throughout the drama.

We also see, nurses rushing past him in the corridor at the hospital. In SeRa’s room, the doctor is doing CPR on her, while her sobbing mother is being held back by nurses.

Picture7 Picture8

JiDan is woken by a phonecall and is told that he has an hour to get ready and meet KwangCheol. It appears that we have come full circle, however, JiDan is now a superstar (according to his mother)! Instead of being bragged to, JiDan’s mother is bragging to her friend, whilst packing for the Maldives (he made his wish come true!) 

JiDan’s sister even asks for an autograph and outside his building are screaming fangirls. KwangCheol is waiting for him and the two talk, while BumGoo keeps the screaming girls back, by waving his arms and doing some screaming of his own.

Picture9 Picture10

JiDan asks what the car is for and KwangCheol explains that he has quit the money-lending business to (I assume) be his manager of sorts. KwangCheol tells him the car is good enough for the superstar that JiDan is. JiDan isn’t happy and tells him to stop overreacting, that he isn’t one yet. JiDan opts to take the subway instead. KwangCheol yells after him not to be late.

Picture11JiDan walks past “Four Beats” and remembers what SeRa says about dolphins. That they can communicate, sending what their hearts feel, even if they are more than 1000 km away from each other.

Out loud JiDan muses:

“Even if we’re far away, my mind and feelings, can I really send them?'”

Picture12JiDan is shocked to her ‘of course’ answer him, but he dismisses it, saying that talking to himself is causing him to hear things. SeRa then steps into frame asking why he talks to himself.

The two then look at each other, SeRa smiling happily and JiDan laughing/smiling~ They are both too cute♥

Thank you for reading~


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