Eating Existence Episode 8 Recap

If The Truth Is Mixed In, It’s Still Delicious Once It’s Cooled Down. I don’t think I’d want Yang as a tutor… haha Yang gets a phonecall from her mother, telling her she ought to just come home if she can’t find a job, get married and have children. After giving her the job idea…… Continue reading Eating Existence Episode 8 Recap

Go Princess Go! Episode 8 Recap

The characters are really starting to grow from the relationships they are forming and it looks like misunderstandings won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Peng Peng and Guard Li reach a midway stop before the military base. Yang Yan walks over, proclaiming that a goddess has arrived (what a sweetie!), and commenting on ‘his’ trendy…… Continue reading Go Princess Go! Episode 8 Recap

*We Broke Up* Episode 8 Recap

0+1 So… this is awkward, it being episode 8 and all, but her name isn’t NaNi… but NiNa… whoops sorry! <(_ _)> Other than that, this was an emotional, but good episode. We got to hear a different beautiful song sung by SeungYoon (I definitely didn’t make heart eyes at my screen… nope… a little,…… Continue reading *We Broke Up* Episode 8 Recap

My Little Lover Episode 8 Recap ♥

*Minami-Kun No Koibito* ~ A Blue Fairy It’s Saturday and I present a recap of episode 7. This drama is so fun and endearing. It really is a pleasure to watch and recap~ This was a sweet episode and Shunichi is really surpassing himself each time and my little heart is super happy ♥ I…… Continue reading My Little Lover Episode 8 Recap ♥

Prince’s Prince (Episode 8) Recap~

This was pretty intense! We get some snippets of back-story and there is a definite sense that conflict/confrontation with definitely happen soon. This episode is certainly fast paced and full of different events. I wish most of the episodes were this interesting (plot wise). Also, I am so confused about the characters, especially MongRyong, his personality…… Continue reading Prince’s Prince (Episode 8) Recap~