Eating Existence Episode 8 Recap

If The Truth Is Mixed In, It’s Still Delicious Once It’s Cooled Down.

I don’t think I’d want Yang as a tutor… haha

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*We Broke Up* Episode 8 Recap


So… this is awkward, it being episode 8 and all, but her name isn’t NaNi… but NiNa… whoops sorry! <(_ _)>

Other than that, this was an emotional, but good episode. We got to hear a different beautiful song sung by SeungYoon (I definitely didn’t make heart eyes at my screen… nope… a little, maybe… haha ^^”).
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My Little Lover Episode 8 Recap ♥

*Minami-Kun No Koibito* ~ A Blue Fairy

It’s Saturday and I present a recap of episode 7. This drama is so fun and endearing. It really is a pleasure to watch and recap~

This was a sweet episode and Shunichi is really surpassing himself each time and my little heart is super happy ♥

I hope you enjoy ^^

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Prince’s Prince (Episode 8) Recap~

This was pretty intense! We get some snippets of back-story and there is a definite sense that conflict/confrontation with definitely happen soon.

This episode is certainly fast paced and full of different events. I wish most of the episodes were this interesting (plot wise).

Also, I am so confused about the characters, especially MongRyong, his personality changes so often!

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