*We Broke Up* Episode 8 Recap


So… this is awkward, it being episode 8 and all, but her name isn’t NaNi… but NiNa… whoops sorry! <(_ _)>

Other than that, this was an emotional, but good episode. We got to hear a different beautiful song sung by SeungYoon (I definitely didn’t make heart eyes at my screen… nope… a little, maybe… haha ^^”).

WooRi is home and in bed when she gets a text from HyunWoo asking if she got home safely and to think about what he said. WooRi’s response is hide under her covers!

The next day, we find ourselves at Mars Music, where NiNa jokingly scolds ShimHoon for putting their video (of the group performing) onto YouTube, but then praises him as it’s what got them the radio show appearance. NaNi tells them to be focused and to choose 2 songs for the interview. WonYoung tells her they will start rehearsing today.

Next door, WooRi is giving a presentation. YeonWoo is happy with all the intern presentations and is ready for lunch, however, JoAh is not set to finish just yet. She asks WooRi if she made the data graphics herself, as they look similar to ones she has seen in someone else’s presentation. WooRi explains she got them from the company’s reference material, which doesn’t calm the situation, as JoAh wants to know where she got it from.

HyunWoo stands up to try and help WooRi, saying she got them from him. Again, this doesn’t work in her favour, as JoAh asks if WooRi can do anything herself.We then watch a few scenes where WooRi is left out by the other woman and is forced to do a lot of work on her own.

my attention was not on wonyoung in this sceneHyunWoo watches on with a sad expression, he gets his phone out and sends a question to the radio station (before you send a question, you should check who may read it, just saying). 

In the practice studio, some practicing occurs, but the ShimHoon and HyunDong get bored and instead put face masks on each other (bromance!). Meanwhile, WonYoung finds an old file labelled 0+1 which catches his attention.

A few days has passed and we are back in the office. JoAh gives WooRi the task of getting out some tapes for a meeting and she snidely remarks whether she should just get HyunWoo to do it (she stops acting up when YeonWoo walks past Ha! Also someone get that man some lunch!).

While in the storage room, she gets a call from HyunWoo wondering where she is and if she needs help. WooRi explains that she is fine, so hangs up. However, she becomes unbalanced and falls when trying to reach for the tape she needs. Her papers go everywhere and she stares at them despondently.

Meanwhile, HyunWoo gets a little shock when he listens to the radio as he finds out who the guests are! In the radio studio, Volume Up Star, Yoo InNa and Joo WooJae are the DJ’s. The three members are awkward and need to be pushed for an introduction (and they do their stupid move… even though it’s not a ‘seeing’ radio).

InNa and WooJae are a little put off by HyunDong, however, WonYoung’s calmer aura helps the situation and it leads nicely on to them playing a song (Oh my gosh, NiNa winked at him and he shuddered! wow!). Meanwhile, in the office, HyunWoo starts to frantically search for WooRi, knowing that she would click the link he sent her (and it being WonYoung on the radio probably won’t help their relationship).

And of course, HyunWoo’s question gets asked. He wants to know what he should do, as his colleagues are making it hard for the person he likes and that the woman doesn’t seem to be over her ex, who hurt her a lot.

InNa asks ShimHoon what he thinks the listener should do, but it’s HyunDong we hear instead, once again! HyunDong’s idea of just spending money on the girl causes InNa to assume that he is a ‘forever singleton’ (Ha!). While HyunDong fumbles for a response and for one of his bandmates to help him, WonYoung answers the question:

“Is he confident it won’t change? That feeling he has towards her, if he is sure it won’t change, it’ll probably end up well. If his feelings are real.”

WooJae notes that WonYoung has the sincerity of a leader and then reaffirms and adds his own advice to what WonYoung said.

InNa then asks to hear another song from The Band I Don’t Know, but is a little flustered when WonYoung goes ‘off script’ and gets up with his guitar, to sing ‘0+1’. She recovers quickly and asks what the song means:

WooRi and HyunWoo are now at their drinking spot and they joke that only something like that (i.e. the scene from before) would happen in a drama or a web drama. They then cheekily look back at the camera and laugh together.

WooRi reminisces that she thought everything would fall into place once she got into a company, but she’s lost her dream now. She then asks HyunWoo what his dream is and he sweetly replies that he wants to be a kind and good-looking husband (can I have him?). WooRi presses on, wondering if he will pursue music, and is disappointed that he won’t, because he doesn’t feel that he doesn’t have enough talent.

WooRi repeats something she was told by a man with nothing but confidence:

“Talent isn’t how good you are but the feeling of desperately wanting to do something.”

HyunWoo guesses correctly that it was WonYoung and then asks why they broke up. WooRi dismisses the question (again) and gets him to pour her a drink.

She then reveals that the thing more pitiful than breaking up, is a love that cools.

NiNa drives the boys home and while the other go inside, WonYoung apologises to NiNa for changing the song they were going to perform. WonYoung is relieved to hear that she liked the song and that if he has more like it then he should show her, instead of hiding them.

WonYoung says bye and is about to go in, however, NiNa surprises him with a kiss on the cheek. Apparently this is a present for his first appearance (HyunDong is going to annoyed he missed out on this “present” :p). Without either saying anything more, NiNa gets into her car and WonYoung (who looks confused and shocked, but also kind of deadpan too…) watches her drive off.

 Additional Comments:

This episode was full of heart.

I liked that after the 0+1 song and all the emotion that surrounded and led up to that, there was a little humour and I love when quirky dramas poke fun at it being a drama or in this case, a webdrama~

I thought it was interesting to see HyunWoo and WooRi have a conversation after what happened. She didn’t run away or act super awkward with him and I really liked that. We also got hints as to what happened to make WooRi and WonYoung break up, and that is that their love ‘cooled’.

I get the feeling that both agreed to break up, even though neither wanted to do so…

I think that WooRi and WonYoung are suited for each other and I think that because of what has happened since they broke up, they would be more present for each other in the future. To be honest, I’m not really sure about this couple, but I know that WooRi and HyunWoo aren’t suited for each other *cries* But he can be my loving husband, right? haha ^^”

NaNi’s perseverance is certainly something and seeing as WonYoung hasn’t completely shut her down, it makes sense that she would still try to pursue something even though I feel that she can sense his love for WooRi.

On a complete change of topic, let’s talk about The Band I Don’t Know! They are hilarious! I love how different they are to each other… that radio showed the contrasts perfectly. Ah, and I thought we would finally hear ShimHoon talk… but nope! HyunDong got in the way! Also, Yoo In Na ♥

I’m not sure how this can all be resolved in the next two episodes, but hopefully it is done well.

Thank you for reading~


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