Go Princess Go! Episode 8 Recap

The characters are really starting to grow from the relationships they are forming and it looks like misunderstandings won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Peng Peng and Guard Li reach a midway stop before the military base. Yang Yan walks over, proclaiming that a goddess has arrived (what a sweetie!), and commenting on ‘his’ trendy style. Guard Li stops the pair from chatting, explaining that they should leave and Peng Peng agrees, saying ‘he’ will bring osmanthus cake back for Yang Yan.

Yang Yan finds out from a soldier on guard that the road the pair took doesn’t go to the military base. He tells the soldier to inform Jiu Wang of the direction they took and heads out on horseback.

After riding for a while, Peng Peng notes that they should be at the base by now. Guard Li reassures ‘him’ that they are going in the right direction. Even so, Peng Peng wonders what his intentions are, and why he would want to kill ‘him’. Peng Peng feigns needing the toilet and tries to run.

Guard Li gets out his sword, but falls from his horse after dodging an arrow sent by Yang Yan. The two men fight, but in the end Yang Yan grabs Peng Peng’s hand they run.

Coming towards them are more men on horseback and Peng Peng is worries that they are accomplices, however, it’s Jiu Wang to the rescue. After making sure his men have circled Guard Li, Jiu Wang comes over to Yang Yan and Peng Peng. Jiu Wang catches ‘him’ when ‘he’ faints.

Peng Peng wakes up, back at the midway stop and is informed by Yang Yan that Jiu Wang is interrogating Guard Li. Outside, we find out that Jiu Wang already knows who sent the assassin, but he doesn’t understand the assassin’s master’s plan or timing.

Meanwhile, Prince Zhao is with more assassins in the forest, who await his orders. Zhao exclaims that he has endured and will finally make them all pay today.

he matches the drapesAfter interrogating the assassin, Jiu Wang goes into the tent to explain to Peng Peng what he found out. He believes that it was Sheng’s doing, a scheme that would put the blame on Jiu Wang for Peng Peng’s death. He explains to a slightly dubious Peng Peng that Sheng covets the throne and thus will do anything (wait… Sheng is petty, but he wouldn’t have his wife assassinated to frame his brother). Peng Peng knows that Jiu Wang covets the throne also, but he reassures ‘him’ that that is what makes himself and his brother so different.

Jiu Wang brings up the promise he made to Peng Peng, and asks if ‘he’ feels the safety he promised, to which Peng Peng skirts round the subject. Yang Yan then rushes into the tent with the news that Sheng and some of his soldiers are riding towards the little camp.

intense glaringAt once Sheng casts the blame of the assassin onto Jiu Wang, but Peng Peng stands up for him relating that it was Jiu Wang who saved ‘him’. Peng Peng nearly says that the mastermind was Sheng, but Jiu Wang interrupts saying that the assassin “castrated himself” (erm what?!!!?! is that a right translation??) before this information could be discovered. Before any more questions or accusations can be said, the camp catches fire (wow that fire effect…) and the soldiers all brace for attack.

The assassins then run out of the surrounding forest, meaning the two princes must fight together. Meanwhile, Peng Peng is pretty much running around like a worried chicken, protecting ‘himself’ with rocks and then ‘his’ “feminine charm”. Thankfully, Yang Yan comes to save ‘him’ (Ha!).

Peng Peng runs into the forest, watched by Sheng. However, when two assassins follow ‘him’, Sheng is stopped from following, as his soldiers have sworn to protect him. They have made no such promise on the behalf of Jiu Wang and he runs off to save Peng Peng.

sheng is showing emotion!At the camp, all the assassins there have been killed and thus Sheng is free to run off in search of his wife. The latter is with a now wounded Jiu Wang. They decide to swim across the river to escape the two assassins following them.

Sheng gets to the river and can’t see them. He’s distressed by the fact that he knows Peng Peng can’t swim. He shouts ‘his’ name and goes into the river to find ‘him’, telling his soldiers to search also. He thinks about their time together so far and as he swims, he thinks:

“Zhang Peng Peng, your life belongs to me. You are not allowed to die.”

Peng Peng drags an unconscious Jiu Wang to a pebbly riverbank and begrudgingly gives him CPR, which is not accurate at all, but does the trick.

The pair then go further inland to find somewhere so that they can rest. Peng Peng then inspects Jiu Wang’s wounds and tears apart ‘his’ dress to dress them. Jiu Wang stares at ‘him’ longingly, but passes out from the pain. Peng Peng then notes that Jiu Wang has a fever.

Worried, Peng Peng goes back and forth to the river, wetting pieces of fabric to place on his forehead and wipe the sweat. Jiu Wang is talking in his feverish state, telling Peng Peng to run because it’s dangerous and also calling out ‘his’ name. Peng Peng is moved by Jiu Wang saving ‘him’ and believes him to be more trustworthy than Sheng. ‘He’ vows that if Jiu Wang wakes up, then ‘he’ will take his side.

Additional Comments:

I know I shouldn’t probably ship Peng Peng with men because ‘he’ isn’t interested in them, but I just can’t help it! We saw that Sheng definitely has become more attached to Peng Peng and Jiu Wang has pretty much been saving Peng Peng all episode because of his feelings. And the part where Peng Peng was trying ‘his’ best to look after him, it just made me feel all kinds of feels! I can’t be the only one right?

I feel that Jiu Wang got played though… The assassin didn’t come from Sheng, but from what we saw, Zhao. Although I don’t understand why he went after Peng Peng, when ‘he’ hasn’t done anything…

The editing and production values aren’t the best in the drama, but often such things are covered well enough for me by pretty colours and pretty people. However, the fight scenes could be better and so could the special effects… I mean the fires in this episode… could they not afford the budget of a fire extinguisher? I will say that it kind of goes with the humourous elements of the drama, but it could be a little jarring for some of the more serious moments, but we’ll see.

Thank you for reading~


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