Prince’s Prince (Episode 8) Recap~

This was pretty intense! We get some snippets of back-story and there is a definite sense that conflict/confrontation with definitely happen soon.

This episode is certainly fast paced and full of different events. I wish most of the episodes were this interesting (plot wise).

Also, I am so confused about the characters, especially MongRyong, his personality changes so often!

‘Chick and the Sword.’

The episode opens with a frustrated man in a street-side food/drink tent who eerily says to himself:

“It’s the end now. Lee MongRyong, it’s the end for you as well.”

Picture4A small boy and his older sister are sat on a bench while the sister apologises for leaving him (I think he may be at an orphanage, but it isn’t clear). She gives him a present and leaves.

We see the girl in a hospital bed and in voiceover she asks for help, saying that the ‘chick’ didn’t help her.

In the present day, we see MongRyong looking pensive. His deep thought is interrupted by ShiHyun, demanding to know who Chun Hyang is and why they aren’t in the new script.

ShiHyun is unhappy with MongRyong’s answer, claiming that it doesn’t make sense as ‘Chun Hyang’ is normally the main role. MongRyong jokingly says that YooNa should do it, which doesn’t go down well. ShiHyun throws a folder onto MongRyong’s desk and says that he has written a game scenario.Picture2

“The gamer takes the lead role and embarks on a mission to save Chun Hyang from a murderer. The interesting part is that the murderer is ten years old.” 

(ShiHyun literally has no subtlety whatsoever!)

Picture1MongRyong tells him he should write a novel instead:

“With the title, ‘private life of a chaebol.’ A drama about a chaebol that joins a work force.”

MongRyong suddenly turns chipper and grumbles about how long the food is taking to be delivered. He walks out of his office into the main work space.

The food is here and it looks like the man is doing a CF for a hair product… Anyway, MongRyong recognises the man as Department Deputy Kim (the man at the beginning of this episode and the one who caused financial problems to Castlesoft).

The man suddenly pulls out a knife and MongRyong sighs and asks if its his fate to get stabbed or something (haha his personality is all over the place!). The man blames MongRyong for his family’s poor condition and doesn’t like hearing that MongRyong doesn’t think that it’s his fault.

Picture3ShiHyun comes charging out of the office, MongRyong grabs his arm and tells him not to interfere. But ShiHyun pulls free and steps closer to the man. ShiHyun tells him they are on the same side and that the reason he is there is because of resentment towards MongRyong. He wants them to join forces and tells the man that he has information on MongRyong that will help them.

Wanting to step outside with the man to have a chat, ShiHyun steps closer, however, the man is confused and on edge and cuts ShiHyun. The man throws down the knife and MongRyong hulks out, picking the knife up.

The man falls to the floor in fright as MongRyong advances on him. MongRyong is Picture8outraged that the man tried to hurt his people, he says:

“If you want to ruin someone else’s life, you shouldn’t kill them, you have to steal what is most important to them.”

He reminds that man of what he previously said, about him being willing to murder, and says that if he must, it will be someone precious to the man. The run runs out and MongRyong collapses to the floor and throws the knife away, in shock. His employees are in disbelief at his now worried/innocent nature (when he acts tough is he roleplaying?!)

Picture5 Picture6

In the small staff room MongRyong is patching up ShiHyun’s cut, complimenting his on how he acted. ShiHyun is unimpressed and tells MongRyong to stop pretending not to know and acting oblivious, which he continues to do, angering ShiHyun further. ShiHyun tells him to ‘erase it’ and calls him a psycho bastard (it’s getting intense in that little room!)

It’s a new day and ShiHyun is resigning. The employees are around him sad that he is leaving, however, as he moves further away they start to basically insult him, saying that even if he acts cool, he only thinks of himself (pahahaha). They run back to their desks when an annoyed ShiHyun announces that he can hear them!

ShiHyun puts his resignation letter on Picture7MongRyong’s desk. He goes to leave but notices a file on MS Company resources. He flicks through it. When he sees his job application he thinks about what MongRyong said about writing a novel. He goes to leave when his phone rings and when he answers the call, his face seems shocked/disheartened.

Thank you for reading~


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