Eating Existence Episode 8 Recap

If The Truth Is Mixed In, It’s Still Delicious Once It’s Cooled Down.

I don’t think I’d want Yang as a tutor… haha

Yang gets a phonecall from her mother, telling her she ought to just come home if she can’t find a job, get married and have children. After giving her the job idea of being a minister (which I assume is governmental and not religious) Yang hangs up.

While putting her washing out, Yang notices with glee, a note from her landlord, asking whether Yang can tutor her grandson. The son (who looks to be in his 30’s…) doesn’t want to learn and assumes he will have an easy life because of the family money, this gets him some wise words and a few clips round the ear.

Later that night, Yang shares the snacks made for her by her landlord. YeRi is not surprised by the answer Yang gave Byeong, but wonders why she would do that to a kindhearted man. Yang then teases YeRi for her words, and again when she expresses her opinion over the snacks as being those of someone who watches too much television dramas.

After the pair have devoured all they can eat, they lie down and YeRi gives the news that she is getting married to ByeongHeon, whom after not wanting to hear about calling Byeong, confides in her friend that she saw ByeongHeon with another woman. YeRi still wants to marry him even though Yang tells her they should just date (Ha!). 

YeRi believes that even if a relationship cools down, it has nothing to do with love. And also that if you are comfortable, then that is enough. YeRi no doubt sees another reason to stay with him being the fact that she reveals that she is pregnant.

YeRi has left and Yang is cleaning up. As she makes the leftover bones of the spicy chicken they ate into a face, she wonders if it’s true that love remains even when the passion in the relationship fades. She’s sorry to Byeong for throwing him away and decides to call him. Yang hears ringing coming from somewhere and we see that Byeong is outside looking surprised but pleased about the coincidence.

Additional Comments:

Maybe I’m just not in the right mood to watch this, but for the most part I wasn’t really engaged and was slightly bored… However, I do like that Yang and it seems Byeong have had time to think and in the next episode hopefully they will talk things over.

The pacing may be highlighting the feeling of being in the situation that Yang and so many others in society are in (myself, as a student, included). However, it does seem strange at times and make the watching experience a little arduous.

Thank you for reading~


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