Midnight’s Girl (Episode 5) Recap~

This episode was not as fun and quirky as they have been, however that is because this seems to be the catalyst episode that is taking us down the path of discovery. Namely finding out about SeRa and also exploring the budding relationship between JiDan and SeRa.

Saying that, this episode was rather sweet, I will admit, mostly because JiDan was rather cute ^^

Picture1 Picture2

The episode opens with a happy humming JiDan. He is getting ready in his room, when he thinks about what SeRa said at the end of the last episode. This causes him to smile.

JiDan’s sister pokes her head round the door, noting his good mood. She asks if he is going drinking with KwangCheol, he mimics her and tells her to get out.

Picture3We then are transported to “Four Beat” as JiDan enters. He then gets to work sweeping and cleaning the place. While JiDan is happily humming/singing to himself again, BumGoo enters with ‘ddeokbokki’ (spicy rice cakes). JiDan isn’t overly happy to see him, but eventually stops cleaning to eat with BumGoo.

While JiDan is focused on his phone, BumGoo says that it is strange how the part-timer (SeRa) arrives and leaves when JiDan is sleeping. And that they only have customers when she is there. BumGoo comes to the conclusion that she must be a ghost, JiDan laughs and calls him crazy (has he forgotten the whole walking through doors things?).Picture4

BumGoo moves on to the ghost rumours, shots of them looking down the hallway and creepy music ensues. However, JiDan breaks that mood by complaining to BumGoo that he is always talking about ghosts. He tells BumGoo that he should stop eating and leave.

BumGoo does neither and changes the subject to SeRa. He is intent on seeing a picture of her, however, JiDan doesn’t have one. BumGoo tells him to get one, to which JiDan tell him if he wants to see SeRa, then he should just come at night. BumGoo grumbles that he can’t because he has to be in before midnight (due to him not going home for 3 days after drinking), otherwise his allowance will get cut (my mind goes straight to him living with his mother haha).

Night falls and at 11pm, JiDan begins writing down each minute as it comes, no doubt trying to stay awake for SeRa’s arrival. He then gets interrupted by a call from KwangCheol. The man asks him why he has not been answering his calls, but JiDan hasn’t been getting any calls from him. It turns out that he has been calling him during the night shifts. Picture5

KwangCheol then tells him that in a few days he is going to be bringing in prospective buyers. JiDan asks if he can bring them at around 1am/2am as that is when they get customers. KwangCheol gets annoyed and tells him that he has two weeks to get the place into shape to be sold, otherwise KwangCheol may have to take their house. He then hangs up.

Picture6We see the door open and the little owl bell tinkle, alerting us to SeRa’s arrival. JiDan who had been sleeping, suddenly wakes up to see SeRa leaning on the counter looking at him. JiDan asks if she pray sleeping gas into the building before she enters (pffft what?) and of course SeRa says no, saying why should she.

JiDan shows her the piece of paper with the minutes on, he fell asleep at 11:37pm. He says that it’s weird for him to have fallen asleep at that time. SeRa asks if he had any customers during the day. He holds up the flyer he made and says that it had no effect.

JiDan notes that she is normally enthusiastic, but she isn’t today. He asks what she does during the day, after she says that she is tired, and tells her that she should change her schedule and work in the daytime. SeRa tells him that she is busy in the day, causing him to ask if she has debt. SeRa tells him that there is a person that she wants to help. She looks sad as she repeats that she wants to help.

Picture8 Picture9

We are taken to the hospital room, the doctor is checking over SeRa and obviously has some bad news for her mother (I assume) as she begins to cry. SeRa watches on, saddened by the scene.

Back to the present, JiDan enthusiastically asks how she does the ‘flower bouquet thing’. JiDan talks about what she does, waving his arms around and generally being adorable. SeRa understands that he means the magic, JiDan says that it wouldn’t hurt to learn. This perks SeRa’s mood up.

Picture10She begins to teach him the ‘basics’. While showing him what to do with the piece of tissue paper (tucking it into their hands), she says that they need to do a magical chant: ‘Magic princess SeRa has arrived’~ JiDan asks if he really needs to sing that, to which SeRa responds that yes he does, as it is her magic trick.

He begins to sing, but he ends up pushing the tissue right through, so that it can be seen. He tries over a few times, but still, can’t seem to make it not visible. He gets more and more frustrated and then throws the tissue to the floor and begins to sulk.

SeRa then shares her wisdom with him:

Picture11 Picture12

Next thing we see if JiDan practising (and still failing) whilst on the toilet.

He comes out and says that SeRa can use the bathroom as there are no customers, however, SeRa is asleep on the sofa. JiDan walks over and sits next to her. He muses that she does fall asleep as well and that she must be tired.

Picture13 Picture14

He then thinks about what she said earlier, and wonders about who she wants to help that she is suffering like this. While he is thinking, SeRa starts mumbling in her sleep, the ‘magic princess SeRa has arrived’ line. She also starts waving her arms around. JiDan says that she is pro, even working while she sleeps. He then laughs and asks how she sleeps like this. Picture15

JiDan then gets out his phone. He goes to take a picture, but stops, instead asking if she is sick. Just as he moves in to get a closer look at SeRa, she moves and their lips lock and her eyes open, shocked.

Thank you for reading~


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