The Lover Rambles~ (Episode 7)

This episode was funny, but also filled with a lot of heart!

The first ten minutes of this episode have been hilarious. When DoSi and HwanJong get together they act like such idiots, each trying to one up the other. And when poor Joon Jae was trying to stop them fighting by putting his hands on their heads to keep them apart hahaha (but seriously the height difference between DoSi and Joon Jae is adorable ^^). Plus what was with that weird scene when HwanJong kept stroking Joon Jae’s jacket and the music went weird? Is the “dangerous bromance” really between those two? :p

And it wasn’t even HwanJong’s car in the end!! Brilliant.

I love how Jin Nyeo was checking Joon Jae out in the lift and now she’s praising him. I swear everyone is going to be in love with him by the end of the drama ^^.

Thank god for Jin Nyeo’s dream. Shirtless Joon Jae *swoons*

(Side note: watching this drama in the dining room in which your family could walk in at any moment is nerve wrecking! haha)

Is this some sort of Joon Jae special?!?! He’s everywhere today!

Not that I’m complaining haha

I mean it’s kind of sweet that Young Joon is jealous that Jin Nyeo had a dream about Joon Jae, however, his immature behaviour takes the sweetness right out!

Farting into a lift and so obviously…. ugh that’s disgusting and so childish. Poor Joon Jae.

DoSi has no sense whatsoever!

Even so when he is cute and tells DooRi that he cares about her, he becomes super endearing. Love this couple so much! ♥

Wait! What?! Joon Jae has a girlfriend?!?! Since when?!!?

Awww, this scene was both super cute and heartbreaking at the same time. Joon Jae really didn’t want to go out and Takuya was making him go quickly.

Plus, Joon Jae is so good at making cute puppy dog eyes. How can Takuya not be madly in love with him just because of the looks Joon Jae gives him?!

(I do feel bad for the girlfriend though. Joon Jae doesn’t seem invested in the relationship right now.)

First off, I thought something terrible had happened when Joon Jae started pelting it back to his apartment! Sheesh, scared the living daylights out of me. And it was only to replace the ice cream that he ate which was Takuya’s.

Secondly, Joon Jae is adorable!!! Ugh, with his little cute face, those puppy dog eyes and smile.

And this moment will forever make me happy:

Overall Thoughts:

I love when the different members of the apartments interact with each other. They are often funny scenes.

I’m kind of glad that SeolEun and HwanJong weren’t really in this episode, I’m still not really warming up to them. Saying that, when HwanJong is paired with either DoSi or Joon Jae it ends up being a very funny situation!

I’m also really loving the fact that Joon Jae’s feelings are being depicted very maturely. There are no jokes surrounding the fact that he likes Takuya which I think is so important, especially as the culture in Korea isn’t very supportive of homosexuality.

There was no preview at the end of this episode, so I have no idea what to expect, but I can’t wait!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed what I had to say~


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