Heart to Heart (Episode 7)

Overall, this episode was very sweet and made me happy many times, but it also has serious and sad moments which makes the episode even stronger.

When the people in this drama are in love, they don’t hold back!

01:25 – awww little Hong Do is such a cutie.

02:13 – I like how even in her imagination Yi Suk is still ordering her around and wearing one of those sweater things haha~

Wait, when he left, did she go to follow him?! I really do like the Yi Suk and Hong Do pairing ♥

04:12 – ‘crazy, psychotic bastard’, to be honest right now I can’t disagree with Hong Do. What he did was way out of line!

07:20 – going to a restaurant your friend owns and asking him to clear it out for her to be comfortable was so cute!!! I can’t with this man, I don’t want him with Hong Do, but I want him to get what he wants… stop being so lovely!! I mean look at this face:


07:28 – Ahh here comes the info about the grandfather.

08:15 – the poor girl, don’t you think you are overwhelming her a bit too much with your cute sugary words and that puppy smile Det. Jang?!

13:34 – I love how Hong Do and Yi Suk talk to each other! Their bickering a funny and natural, everything about their conversations seem natural and open. They suit each other well.

18:23 – Det. Jang’s internal monologue must be wondering what is wrong with these siblings and why they keep appearing in front of him!

I need more Se Ro in this drama, she is so funny and I think she has so much potential! Looking forward to more of her and Det. Jang~

19:17 – this has nothing to do with anything really, but that grey knit sweater/cardigan thing need to go!! The colour makes it look weird on Yi Suk!!

20:18 – Sometimes the way they shift to different scene so quickly and bluntly makes watching a bit difficult. I feel like they cut too sharply.

23:34 – awww he’s blushing while looking at her!!! I think my squeals of joy at his cuteness are only audible to dogs haha ^^”

24:48 – I’ll give Yi Suk this, he doesn’t give up when it comes to something he wants! Plus he tends to always speak his mind when it comes to Hong Do, which is actually very refreshing~

25:46 – First of all what is this?


Is this really the way you would put a scarf on someone?!! And secondly, the noises Hong Do is making is both adorable and hilarious, much like Det. Jang’s reaction! (It’s sweet that he got her a scarf ^^)

29:59 – The phone call between Det. Jang and Hong Do is quite sweet and how cute was it when there was a ping and her cheeks when red! Cute~

33:00 – Hong Do knitted you several jumpers and you didn’t know she loved you? Has this man ever watched tv? Det. Jang can be totally clueless a lot of the time haha

And he didn’t know how he felt, even though he kept all the notes she had written to him as well… I kind of feel like he is just jealous because Hong Do has always been ‘his’ basically and now she is laughing and chatting comfortably with Yi Suk, something she can’t do with him. I don’t know how real his feelings actually are, even if he does think they are.

36:16 – Stop being so cute Det. Jang!! I can’t help but find him completely adorable!! I’ll take one for the team and he can marry and love me haha :p

37:59 – I hope the mother is okay. Her storyline is so sad right now.

39:10 – aww the brother Il Suk was Yi Suk’s paternal twin, this makes it all sadder. Especially as the grandfather said he was timid and that the mother loved his brother more.

42:15 – I think I just died because of how cute that scene was ♥o♥ Det. Jang’s imagination at them being like a real couple and even having a little boy is just too cute!

44:33 – I’m having to pause watching this video because Det. Jang is just being too adorable. Where can I find someone like him?! I mean she does have somewhere to go, so it’s a bit rude not letting her go, but still this is cute and his smile is so nice!!

47:06 – mhmm I don’t know how I feel right now!! Det. Jang gave her $5000 so she could pay her rent, but is telling her not to see Yi Suk anymore which in itself is wrong, she can see who she wants to, but adding the money, it seems like a bribe/emotional manipulation…. or is that just me?


Is this all for Det. Jang?!?! No wonder Det. Yang was so upset when she stopped making side dishes for his partner, my days that is a lot of food!! haha

Also, does she have a fever?? She looks so red and is complaining of being hot… or is because she wants to see how Yi Suk is (because she keeps glancing at her phone) and this is how it’s manifesting, her worry I mean.

54:55 – So now she can go and see Yi Suk because he is the doctor and Det. Jang wants her to be better… my feelings about all this are so mixed up and probably make no sense to anyone haha ^^”

56:55 – It seems to be causing her actual pain to do something Det. Jang won’t like, but she wants to contact Yi Suk. This is making me hurt!!

57:38 – She took the mothers suicide note because she knew that it would break Yi Suk’s heart… excuse me while I go cry… T.T

59:22 – How did Hong Do get to the doctor place so quickly?! It take me like 10 minutes to find and put my shoes on and he was already leaving!!! hahahah ^^”


Hong Do told him that she keeps thinking about him! I love that she also keeps telling him that she must be crazy ^^ His reaction to her saying that she wanted to hug him was cute. Yi Suk told her to hug him, look at those open arms~ I wouldn’t hesitate to run into them!!! ^^”

1:00:47 – Yi Suk kissed her!!!!! My fangirl heart is going crazy and I’m smiling so much right now!! My babies!! So happy ^^

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed what I had to say~


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