Go Princess Go! Episode 7 Recap

Life gets complicated when you have male admirers, and you’re a man from 2015 stuck in a beautiful woman’s body~

Peng Peng is sleeping and someone starts to stoke ‘his’ cheek and then flicks ‘his’ forehead. Thinking it’s Lu Li, ‘he’ tells ‘his’ “baby” to let ‘him’ sleep, however, is shocked when it is Sheng who speaks.

Peng Peng is confused as to why Sheng is in ‘his’ rooms at this time of night. Sheng doesn’t answer as he starts to put ointment on Peng Peng’s cheek (where there is a mark from the slap).

Sheng uses this moment to reveal that he has investigated what happened at the football match and knows that it was not Peng Peng’s fault and is sorry for what he did. Peng Peng is annoyed due to all the false accusation, but says ‘he’ understand that Sheng wants to protect Ying Yue.

At this Sheng gets up and explains that he knows that Ying Yue can be cunning and meticulous, however, when they were children she was kind (you knew this, but still slapped your wife?!). Peng Peng empathises as these kinds of women hung around ‘him’ as well. And when Peng Peng starts talking like a man, Sheng tells ‘him’ that ‘he’ is talking nonsense again (Ha!). Sheng leaves Peng Peng to get some rest.

Peng Peng is bathing, but Yang Yan spinning down from the roof and falling into ‘his’ petal bath ruins the peace. Peng Peng is in no mood to deal with “the epitome of stupid” (Ha!). Yang Yan explains that he is here to deliver some ointment (from Jiu Wang) that is better than what Sheng has been using. This just angers Peng Peng more, as Yang Yan thinks that because ‘he’ cried out in pain one of the nights, that Sheng is abusing ‘him’ (why is the fact that Yang Yan was just casually sat on ‘his’ roof just glossed over?!).

Yang Yan is here to also invite Peng Peng to a meal on the behalf of Jiu Wang. He is upset when Peng Peng turns it down, saying that Jiu Wang’s effort will be put to waste, and spoils the surprise that Jiu Wang is going to take ‘him’ to the sea. This just reaffirms Peng Peng’s decision not to go.

It’s no surprise that later that evening, Yang Yan uses some sort of statue-inducing gas on Peng Peng and kidnaps ‘him’.

Once ‘he’ “wakes” (unfreezes?) Peng Peng thinks that ‘he’s’ back in 2015, in a restaurant, one which looks to be European styled. However, seeing Yang Yan in the corner dampens ‘his’ mood.

Jiu Wang walks in, noting that Peng Peng changed ‘his’ mind about coming. Peng Peng gets more annoyed as Yang Yan explains that he gave ‘him’ the choice to come or to be carried and seeing as ‘he’ didn’t pick the first one, Yang Yan had no other option (duh! Ha!).

Meanwhile, back at Peng Peng’s palace, Sheng is waiting for ‘him’ to return.

After having a meal, the pair go out onto the balcony. While Peng Peng’s enraptured by the view (the sea of lanterns), Jiu Wang has his sights on ‘him’.

Peng Peng explains that this place would be good for a romantic drama, but after noticing how Jiu Wang is looking at ‘him’, he decides to glare (Ha!). This tactic doesn’t work as Jiu Wang explains that Peng Peng has been in his heart since childhood. How Peng Peng would always secretly help him and he would give her candies (this sounds so cute!), however, they grew distant because his grandfather wanted Peng Peng and Sheng to marry and for Sheng to become Emperor.

For Jiu Wang his mind and heart will never change towards Peng Peng.

Peng Peng is back home and ‘he’ calls out for “baby” to make ‘him’ some tea. However, Lu Li has already made tea, for Sheng. Looking at his body language, Peng Peng assumes that Sheng doesn’t know where ‘he’ has been, but he does.

Peng Peng immediately starts being sweet and obliging. Sheng tells ‘him’ that his body is tired and he wants a massage. Peng Peng goes to give him one (which looked to be painful and elbowy), but Sheng pulls ‘him’ round and onto his lap.

Sheng asks what kind of man Peng Peng likes, between someone who is serious and mature and someone who is carefree and young. Of course Peng Peng doesn’t like men at all, but ‘he’ puts on the sweet voice and says that it doesn’t matter, it’s dependent on the person. Sheng gets close to Peng Peng and asks who ‘he’ thinks gets more attention from women, himself or Jiu Wang (jealous Sheng has arrived everyone~). 

Not liking ‘his’ answer of ‘it doesn’t matter, I’m already your wife’, Sheng wants Peng Peng to relax and tell him truthfully what kind of man ‘he’ thinks he is. Peng Peng jumps right in:

‘He’ explains that it’s hard to tell a joke around him and that a woman would feel that she needs to practice how to laugh and act around him. Whereas with handsome, carefree men, they are easier to approach and interact with, meaning they would be more likely to win the affection of more women.

Sheng tells Peng Peng that ‘he’ chose the wrong answer and tells ‘him’ to rest early.

i was happy flower arrangingThe next day, a eunuch – Lord Zhang – comes to tell Peng Peng that Sheng has requested ‘he’ accompany him to Northern Jiang (where he is doing an inspection). Peng Peng doesn’t want to go, but it’s seen as a high honour.

‘He’ doesn’t see why ‘he’ has to go to a military base, but we see Peng Peng riding out to meet Sheng.

Additional Comments:

Sheng, Sheng, Sheng… I just don’t understand your motives at all. You knew Ying Yue’s nature, but still got super angry and slapped your wife (also how long does a slap mark last?). 

I do feel that he is starting to be more intrigued by Peng Peng and especially the scene together at the end where Sheng seemed to want ‘him’ to choose between Jiu Wang and himself. He seemed rather put out when Peng Peng inadvertently chose Jiu Wang.

I thought that this episode wasn’t as interesting or funny, but thankfully every scene Yang Yan is in makes me smile because he is such a cutie~

I do like Jiu Wang better at this point, however, he is being rather forward and I don’t quite understand why Yang Yan is on Peng Peng’s roof at night (I assume it’s by Jiu Wang’s instruction). It seems a little creepy…

Hopefully, as we go further into the drama the males in this will become better formed and make more sense in what their motives are and how they think they are going to make them a reality.

Thank you for reading~


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