“Prince’s Prince” Overall Thoughts~

This won’t be long and I’m rather disappointed and wouldn’t really recommend this to anyone. I’d give this drama 1.5 starts out of 5…

After the first episode I assumed this drama would be crazy, quirky and make me laugh. And that isn’t wrong, however, the last 5 (ish) episodes took such a drastic turn from that, which left me rather confused.

The filming of this webdrama was fine, I mean sometimes it cut very sharply and oddly to different scenes and time wasn’t really something they bothered that much with. But on the whole, I didn’t mind it.

As with the score, it was alright… sometimes the music wasn’t well placed or was too dramatic for the scene that it was used in.

The acting was meh… some acted better than others. Although, I’m not sure if the acting was done that way because of the strangeness of the webdrama (maybe too much wishful thinking?)

The overall plot was extremely confusing and I felt that the idea of bringing in homosexuality was pointless and didn’t really have anything to do with anything. I think the plot (the little there was) needed more time to develop. I also think, if there was more time I would have been able to understand the characters more. I felt that, looking back over the ten episodes, I don’t really know or understand many of the motives of the characters. To be honest, my favourite was Secretary Kang and that may be just because I have a soft spot in my heart for drama secretaries haha ^^”

Changing so drastically into a sort of melodrama/thriller (?) so close to the end didn’t help with clarity. It felt like watching two different dramas.

All I will say is, that if they do make a sequel (which with that ending, I’m just going to assume that is the plan), I may not watch it…

Thank you for reading~


7 thoughts on ““Prince’s Prince” Overall Thoughts~

      • Thanks 🙂
        I don’t watch web dramas but they look like a fun thing to spend time with…it helps that they are so short!


  1. I loved watching this series! But you’re right it did get confusing. What did strike me was the two hot male leads who seem so experienced! They handled their acting better than many established faces I see in Kdramas.


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