“Prince’s Prince” Overall Thoughts~

This won’t be long and I’m rather disappointed and wouldn’t really recommend this to anyone. I’d give this drama 1.5 starts out of 5… After the first episode I assumed this drama would be crazy, quirky and make me laugh. And that isn’t wrong, however, the last 5 (ish) episodes took such a drastic turn from…… Continue reading “Prince’s Prince” Overall Thoughts~

Prince’s Prince (Episode 10) Recap~

All I can say is …. what? I honestly don’t know how to formulate how confused I am right now: with the plot, the characters and the point of this drama… “Route.” We find out that the reason YooNa went to talk to MongRyong was to resign from being the ‘Secret Garden’ fan club president.…… Continue reading Prince’s Prince (Episode 10) Recap~

Prince’s Prince (Episode 9) Recap~

Not a lot happened in this episode, well, it felt like not a lot happened. I just wasn’t as interested. There was a lot of crying and angry faces from Choi JongHoon. I feel like they haven’t done very well in taking you from the crazy, mad world that the previous episodes had to putting…… Continue reading Prince’s Prince (Episode 9) Recap~