Eating Existence Episode 9 Recap

A Bowl Of Spicy Beef And Vegetable Soup That Fills You And I.

Byeong becomes a hero.

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My Little Lover Episode 9 Recap ♥

*Minami-Kun No Koibito* – Our Trip To A Hot Spring

It’s Tuesday and here as planned is the recap for Episode 9. There was a lot of cute (looking mostly at that pumpkin known as Shunichi) and some important info and feelings dropped in this episode~

(Oh and a shirtless Shunichi~ :p)

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Prince’s Prince (Episode 9) Recap~

Not a lot happened in this episode, well, it felt like not a lot happened. I just wasn’t as interested.

There was a lot of crying and angry faces from Choi JongHoon. I feel like they haven’t done very well in taking you from the crazy, mad world that the previous episodes had to putting you in a position were this episode was very serious.

I am definitely interested, mainly because of what is happening on MongRyong’s end, but I’m not sure this is all going to be resolved with only one episode left after this one… will there be a second series? (I’ve heard that webtoon is still ongoing).

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