Eating Existence Episode 9 Recap

A Bowl Of Spicy Beef And Vegetable Soup That Fills You And I.

Byeong becomes a hero.

Yang runs out and hugs Byeong, but tells him that she still doesn’t want marriage or children and that they should end things. However, Byeong doesn’t want to and for now, he is fine with dating. The pair hug and Yang is secretly happy to hear the kinds of lines that are in dramas (Ha!). 

Yang then wonders what he has with him, and in the soju bottle turns out to be an octopus that he saved from a work meetup. We watch as he looks traumatised by a colleague cooking and cutting up and live octopus and decides to rescue the one planned for later. He runs from the restaurant clutching the bottle and tells Yang that while he was running he thought about wanting to protect it with her help.

Once inside they put the octopus in a fish bowl and decide to name the octopus Lee DaeGeun (is this meant to mean something). They pair then spend some intimate time together.

The scene is then interrupted by a text message.

Yang is greeted by her landlords grandson at the wake of his mother. Yang reminisces to herself the times that the woman cooked her food and that she hadn’t been able to pay back her kindness. Yang is then told she needs to greet the son’s father, who turns out to be Boss…

After paying her respects Yang sits away a little from the other guests and overhears that the lady died of stomach cancer which spread unnoticed. Food is placed in front of Yang and when she starts eating, Boss comes over. He notes that it’s polite to eat food deliciously at a funeral and then offers her a drink. Boss tells her to sit comfortably and thanks her.

Yang thinks that even Boss, who seemed selfish and greedy can be a strong and reliable husband and father. That he is the head of the household and cannot flee, so much shoulder the responsibilities.

Immediately on returning home, Yang lies down on the floor and starts crying, while we see that Boss is sat alone at the wake. Yang says that she got too close to Boss.

Additional Comments:

I like that the leads reconciled and in a way that highlighted both their characters. But I did think she was going to accidentally cook the octopus in this episode haha ^^”

The death of the landlord’s (who is a woman, but I forgot the word landlady apparently when I recapped… and why wasn’t she there?) daughter was sad and unexpected, which is sometimes very close to the truth when it comes to someone dying. I thought it was interesting to bring in a character from the beginning and it shows that Yang isn’t a bad person, brash and often arrogant, but not intentionally inconsiderate.

This being the penultimate episode, I’m not quite sure where we are headed with the ending and that kind of worries me.

Thank you for reading~


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