Go Princess Go! Episode 9 Recap

I feel like if I was left on my own, with nothing to really do, after a while I would probably do the same thing as Peng Peng haha ^^”

look at this little cutieThe morning has arrived and Peng Peng suddenly wakes up, exclaiming that ‘he’ needs water for the cloth. However, before ‘he’ runs off, ‘he’ notices that Jiu Wang has woken up. At first Peng Peng thinks the fever has made him stupid, because Jiu Wang says that he doesn’t know who ‘he’ is. Jiu Wang means that Peng Peng’s actions were unexpected.

Jiu Wang admits that he paid too much attention to Peng Peng, not realising that ‘his’ actions are generally not controlled by Sheng, thus meaning he wasn’t paying enough attention to Sheng’s spies and anger.

Peng Peng asks if Jiu Wang really needs to covet the throne from his cold and cunning brother. Jiu Wang explains that he needs to fight to find hope and that for now they are safe, as Sheng would need to plan again to have them killed. Peng Peng happily exclaims that they should not go hungry then and decides to go and catch a fish.

just still PP the truth!At the riverbank, Peng Peng notices a big fish (which is obviously a person…). After prodding and getting no response, Peng Peng pulls Sheng further onto the bank where he gains consciousness. In true Sheng style he says that he was running from the assassins and hid under water (this is what leads to misunderstandings). 

Peng Peng leaves Sheng to find sticks to stabilise his potentially dislocated arm. While doing so, Jiu Wang comes to find ‘him’ worried ‘he’ could be attacked by wild animals. Peng Peng tells Jiu Wang to hide, as he and Sheng shouldn’t see each other, but of course Sheng turns up behind them.

Peng Peng then pretends (after Sheng has heard everything) to say that it’s a coincidence that Jiu Wang is also here! Sheng agrees to find a place to sit so that Jiu Wang can help fix his arm.

The pair then start to discuss the assassins. Jiu Wang wonders if the assassins infiltrated their troops, but Sheng thinks it was masterminded by someone close to them considering the troops security is high. The two princes then have the same thoughts and are both dubious about their suspect. Peng Peng catches on and is at first against it, but then thinks about how Sheng must have finally pushed him over the edge.

i did not consent to thisSheng walks away and orders Peng Peng to come over to him, he then plants an awkward kiss on ‘him’. Of course this makes Jiu Wang uncomfortable and upset, but that was the plan. Sheng tells Peng Peng that if ‘he’ ever makes him wear a green hat, then he will kill the other man.

Peng Peng then pretends to be girly and tells him he has not need to worry. Before the scene can get anymore awkward for all involved, they hear shouting nearby.

They go to look and Sheng gets up when he sees what looks to be his own men, however, is stopped by Peng Peng. ‘He’ tells them that if the princes die then the country will become chaotic with Zhao as Emperor. Wanting to be the hero, ‘he’ gets up and starts shouting, ‘his’ speech cut short when ‘he’ slips and falls down the hill…

Peng Peng awakes back in the tent at the camp (‘he’s’ had that cut since the beginning of the episode though…) and Sheng tells ‘him’ it’s a good job that the men were his.

Sheng asks Peng Peng if ‘he’ knows who sent the assassins and stops ‘himself’ from blurting out what he thinks. Peng Peng thinks this is a test and if ‘he’ answers correctly it means death, therefore ‘he’ simply says that it would be weird if ‘he’ knew (I thought we had clarified that it could be Zhao? no?). 

A message arrives for Sheng that his father has died and he immediately leaves the camp for the capital. Of course he doesn’t bother to let Peng Peng know. A guard comes into ‘his’ tent and they step outside and Peng Peng is annoyed to find out that not only Sheng, but also Jiu Wang and most of the soldiers have already left as well! (why did no one think it would be a good idea to have that poor guard know something?)

Several days have passed and Peng Peng is in an interesting place… Thankfully for ‘him’ Lu Li arrives at the camp. While Peng Peng is happily smelling (‘he’ really should never be alone! Ha!), Lu Li starts bickering with the eunuch who brought her (Lu Li has another admirer~). 

The eunuch then informs Peng Peng that several days ago Sheng ascended to the throne and that ‘he’ is to be escorted back to the capital.

Back in the capital, Jiu Wang is being read a decree sent by Sheng, which includes hundred acre land and reassigned to Internal Affairs. The restriction on his household has also been lifted (someone is very angry…).

We watch as another prince gets read a decree, however, this one does not go so smoothly. Zhao is drunk and doesn’t want to hear and starts harassing the poor man. Thankfully for the eunuch, Sheng walks into the room and averts Zhao’s attention.

Zhao believes Sheng to be present so as to mock him, knowing that his days are numbered. Sheng tells him he is worrying for nothing, which is shown in the decree. Sheng has taken into consideration that they are brothers and has pardoned Zhao from death, but all his duties have been taken away.

Zhao hates the decree, saying:

“You have cursing my heart. It’s even more ruthless than killing me.”

Sheng tells him there will be a time when Zhao understands his intentions, but Zhao is adamant that will never happen.

Additional Comments:

Several big things happened this episode and there is still a rather stupid assumption that it was Sheng who masterminded the assassin attack, I mean how could Jiu Wang and Peng Peng still believe it was him after they chatted about it being Zhao?! But to be honest, if Sheng was more forthcoming with his feelings then that probably wouldn’t still be a big suspicion of Peng Pengs.

I think this drama has done something rather interesting, the ending was so sad to me despite the comedy that was threaded into it. The comedy acted as some sort of enabler to the sadness and erratic behaviour of Zhao’s which made the scene more emotional. I really hope that Sheng starts to redeem himself now and that Zhao is able to heal.

Thank you for reading~


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