The Fiery Priest (2019) || K Drama Review

Ignore everything I’ve written and head straight to my dad’s review haha πŸ˜‚

fiery priest cast posterTo start with Congratulations to The Fiery Priest cast and team for taking home 8 awards at the 2019 SBS Drama Awards, including Kim Nam Gil getting the Daesang!

This is a pretty special drama for me as it’s the first drama that I have watched with my dad (who normally judges me for watching them) and he really enjoyed it! I mean we watched the whole thing in 3 days πŸ˜‚

The Fiery Priest or Hot Blooded Priest aired on SBS (who I adore for putting up their dramas onto YouTube with subs β™₯.β™₯) in February to April last year. It has 40 episodes (20 1hr long eps on YT).

This drama follows Priest Kim Hae Il (Kim Nam Gil), a hot tempered Catholic Priest (which a troubled past) who strives for justice by generally using his fists. After getting into trouble at his local police station (yet again) he is sent to live in Gudam, Seoul with his former teacher Father Lee (Jung Dong Hwan).

While trying to reign in his temper heartbreak strikes as Father Lee is murdered and framed for several crimes under the pretense of him committing suicide. The floodgates open and Priest Kim is thrown into the corrupt workings of Gudam’s higher ups.

Along the way we watch as alliances change, courage returns to cowards and revenge is doled out.

First of all I would like to say that this drama was wonderful! The intense themes were threaded with absurd humour and heartwarming characters. Despite wanting to punch a lot of them, I still understood each character’s motives. While this could have been an intense, gritty drama it uses comedy as a message of hope. It’s also refreshing to see everyone be a bit absurd, which means the “villians” don’t become gimmicky and lose all substance.

The characters were certainly the driving force behind my enjoyment. Father Han Sung Kyu (Jeon Sung Woo) – aka a literal angel – and Sister Kim In Kyung (Baek Ji Won) were wonderful! Hesitant at first of Hae Il’s temper and obtuse manners, they become his family and ground him. They are also hilarious in a charming and unexpected way. I love them both and would die for them πŸ˜‚

We then have the detectives assigned to help Hae Il. Song Seung Ah (Geum Sae Rok) is a new addition to the Gudam police station and her sense of justice surpasses every one of her colleagues. She is smart, sassy, cute and ready to help those who need it (I would also die for her too!).

Her sunbae and partner is Goo Dae Young (Kim Sung Kyun), a detective defeated by the corruption around him. Dae Young is ridiculous and pretty much seen as useless and inept, which is why he is given the task to “help” Hae Il with his investigation. The character development was slow but steady and the bickering between Him and Hae Il was very funny.

Park Kyung Sun (Lee Ha Nee) is a Prosecutor who teeters more on the corrupt side as she is brought into the fold by her very corrupt mentor and boss Prosecutor Kang (Kim Hyung Mook). Kyung Sun is a character who I very much disliked, but also really liked at the same time. We have a love hate relationship. I wanted her to come to her senses far quicker than she did!

Some minor characters who I love dearly are Ssongsak (Ahn Chang Hwan) a Thai food deliverer and his best friend Yo Han (Go Gyu Pil) a full time part timer. These two were a pleasure! They were funny, adorable and they always made me smile. They unwittingly become an integral part of the family.

all the baddiesThe villains were interesting, but they aren’t anything new. If you watch enough dramas they’re your typical officials who want more money and use their power to gain it. The only one I truly found interesting was Hwang Chul Bum (Go Joon) a thug turned businessman and general lackey for the main baddies. I found him charming and would love to see more character growth (Go Joon is also an incredibly handsome man so that helps haha). I also discovered that a lot of people ship Kyung Sun and Hae Il, which one wouldn’t work because he’s a Catholic Priest and two, I shipped her with Chul Bum… they could be so great!

As there will be a second series, I hope we can see more of his character, as well as his closest friends, Hoon Seok (Lee Je Yeon) and Jang Ryong (Eum Moon Suk) as they had a lot of potential but I was left wanting.

Overall, I really enjoyed this series. There were certain elements that I can’t really go into otherwise I would just be detailing the entire drama, such as how the Russians were mostly played by Koreans πŸ˜‚ and about some other characters that need to be kept secret as they bring so much to the plot.

This drama also felt a bit roundabout, you certainly get taken down many unexpected and random paths like “what happened to the money?!” However, it’s fast paced, character driven and Kim Nam Gil is super hot when he does the fight scenes!


  • Plot: 7/10
  • Acting: 9/10
  • Production: 8/10
  • Enjoyment: 9/10
  • Overall Rating: 8.25/10

My Dad’s Review:

As I was writing this my dad asked if I was working on my blog and guessed correctly that I was doing my Fiery Priest review, so here’s his mini review!

It was long winded, but good. It goes in unexpected directions (he then proceeded to blurt out a giant spoiler). He liked that Sister Kim called Hae Il a cat because he sat on the kimchi fridge and then realised he mainly remembers the silly bits. He also really liked Ssong Sak, Yo Han and “bob head” (aka Jang Ryong) and there interactions with each other.

This would have been longer but he was mainly telling me parts that he enjoyed that were again major spoilers! I don’t think he quite got the concept of a review haha πŸ˜‚

8/10 (the minus two was for “how long it bleeding took” πŸ˜‚)

Also shout out to my dad who thought that Kim Nam Gil was Lee Ha Nee in this scene until he spoke πŸ˜‚

these idiots


  • Director: Lee Myung Woo
  • Writer: Park Jae Bum
  • Network: SBS

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day~

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