Lee Ha Nee + Kim Nam Gil || High Cut


I didn’t know this photoshoot existed – it’s nearly a year old ๐Ÿ˜‚ – and I just want it to be on my site and want to share it will you all!! I watched The Fiery Priest this year and loved it!!

This shoot is super cute, fun and I love these two so much โ™ฅ

All of the clothes in this shoot come from Club Monaco! They are all so pretty and I wish I had money lol

For more information, more pictures and originals, check out High Cut Korea~

I love how sexy and cool this shot is and then you have Kim Nam Gil crossing his legs in the air like a cutey haha~

This pink suit on Kim Nam Gil is so complimentary to his skin tone! I do think the dress is a bit dowdy, but Ha Nee’s expression is adorable!

Sexy and chic to a beautiful cutie pie!! This outfit is gorgeous!


This collection of photos ended me!! This is so cute! And how they both look like super beautiful model people while being dummies?! The cheek haha โ™ฅ

Lee Ha Nee’s eye smile is so cute!

Demin on demin and I’m not mad!

There is too much beauty in one shot!! Lee Ha Nee’s outfit is chic and I love how her arm is so casually placed on Kim Nam Gil’s shoulder.

Kim Nam Gil also looks so cool and like he’s about to fight haha ๐Ÿ˜‚


  • Editor: Lee Ji Hyun
  • Photographer: An Ju Yeong
  • Stylists: Kim Ji Hye for Lee Ha Nee/ Hwang Hye Jung for Kim Nam GIl
  • Hair Stylists: Kim Tae Hyun by Mi Jang Won for Kim Nam Gil/ Lee Il Joong for Lee Ha Nee
  • Make-Up Artists: Kim Ha Na by Mi Jang Won for Kim Nam Gil/ Lee Na Gyun for Lee Ha Na
  • Assistant: Kim Mi Ri

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a lovely day~


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