Weekly Reading Challenge || June No. 2

21.6.21 – 27.6.21

Remember to stay up to date with the world, listen to those facing atrocities and help spread awareness/donate where you’re able.

Last week, I started a new challenge. I posted my first weekly reading “journal”(?) last week and you can check it out here~

I had more things to do in this week, but I’m happy with how I did~ I switched up my board a little and I completed more prompts!

Here is my board at the start of the week and how it looked at the end of the day on Sunday 27th:

Monday 21st

page count: 41

Monday was an early start to the day, as I had work from 8:30am to 2:30pm. I didn’t read on my commute, instead I listened to music. I tend to listen to a lot of Taemin’s solo work in the mornings ♥ Normally, I would be able to read at work, but I was put on a different station where we aren’t allowed phones. After work, I had a little time before my bus, so I went to Waterstones! I’d started my period at work and it was raining, so I deserved books 😂

I got home at 5pm(ish) and was able to watch the tail end of the football. My dad and I then watched 2 episodes of Merlin. It was the two where Uther falls in love with a troll and I love those episodes so much! After, I read 18 pages of Lost in the Never Woods by Aiden Thomas (74-92). And before bed, in my pj’s, I read The Princess Diaries; Meg Cabot (38-61).

Tuesday 22nd

page count: 63

In the morning I worked on a blog post and then showered Darcy. Showering my dog is like a doing a workout! I definitely didn’t want to go to work after, but I had to 😭😂 Again, I listened to music instead of my audiobook and again I bought some books~ My Waterstones card had reached the £10 off and that’s how I’m validating this purchase.

During my shift – 3pm-8pm – I ended up reading some of Lost in the Never Woods (92-155). My dad picked me up after my shift and we got a Chinese for tea ♥ After watching the last half of England vs Czech Republic, I realised I had to get up for work tomorrow morning and went to bed. I was content just sitting on the couch for ages haha

Wednesday 23rd

page count: 61

On my commute I read Lost in the Never Woods (155-172) and then continued to read it at work and at the bus stop (172-216). As it was super hot, I got a mint magnum to eat at the bus stop and read ♥ So far, it’s really easy to get through and is enjoyable. Peter is a ball of sunshine!

I got home at about half 6 and while eating my leftover Chinese, I watched the 2nd half of Spain vs. Slovakia. As I was too tired to do much else, I went to bed straight after.

Thursday 24th

page count: 119

The Thursday before, my dentist appointment got rescheduled to the 24th. In the morning I read Lost in the Never Woods (216-240) outside as the weather was super nice. While waiting for my appointment at 2pm, I read some more (240-275). I was expecting the worst from the dentist appointment, but all I can say is that my top row of teeth are superior to the bottom. I only needed the normal and initial anaesthetic injections, instead of extra’s! I was so proud of myself that I got the 2nd and 3rd books in the Murder Most Unladylike series by Robin Stevens.

When I got home, I tried to read outside again, but couldn’t get comfy so read indoors (275-322). My dad then wanted to rewatch The Fiery Priest (despite us having 2 other dramas we’ve started) and we got through 4 episodes. This drama is so fast paced and funny that time passes really quickly, I highly recommend it! I then finished chapter 20 of Lost in the Never Woods (322-335) before bed.

Friday 25th

page count: 36

Friday was a low reading day. In the morning I finished Lost in the Never Woods (335-371), and overall it was a good book. I do wish we had more plot and some things felt really rushed, but I always looked forward to picking it up again. I then played Pop Town on my phone for far too long lol

My dad is doing a lot of gardening at the moment, so we went to B&Q. When we got home, we potted some plants and I potted tomato seeds – I’m awful with plants, so if these tomato plants grow it will be a miracle 😂 I then video chatted with my sister, watched another episode of The Fiery Priest and when my dad went to bed, I watched the first episode of The Guest, as I want to finally continue and finish it.

Saturday 26th

page count: 184

Saturday was a pretty good day. My dad and I went to the Zoo. The only problem was that we didn’t stay as long as we normally would have as we didn’t have lunch there, so the day felt like a Sunday as time went so slowly after we got home. While my dad did some gardening, I read Hollow Earth by Carole E. & John Barrowman (103-224). I took Darcy for a walk and then we watched the football. Before bed I read some of The Princess Diaries (61-124).

My dad wouldn’t get round to sending me pictures from the day, and I wanted to keep close to my schedule, which was already late as it was. So, I’m afraid all I have is a picture of my dad and I, an elephant and some Ostriches – one of which is a mood 😂

Sunday 27th

page count: 106

In the morning I did some planning of what I wanted my prompts to be for my 3rd weekly challenge and watched some booktube. Time went really quickly and I didn’t achieve much, and at 5pm we watched the football. During the half times and before bed I completed The Princess Diaries (124-230). This book is funny and enjoyable in places and if you just go into it expecting lots of drama and extra Mia behaviour, you’ll enjoy it more. Mr G was a real MVP ♥

As The Princess Diaries is told in diary format, with messages etc, I’m counting it as a book with mixed media content.

Overall Stats

page count: 610

books finished: Lost in the Never Woods; Aiden Thomas + The Princess Diaries; Meg Cabot

books started/in progress: Hollow Earth; Carole E. & John Barrowman + Emma; Jane Austen

This week went well for me, and I’m excited to start reading and working through some challenges for week 3. Another challenge I need to work on is lowering my screen time, it’s actually embarrassing…

I hope you had a good reading week and a good week in general ♥

Thanks for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe~


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