April Update || Books & Dramas~

🎸”It’s all about me”🎸 I normally do a wrap up at the end of the month, but the last two in quarantine haven’t been the best reading wise. So, I thought what I could do was a general update of myself that no one asked for and then my hobbies which is basically what this…… Continue reading April Update || Books & Dramas~

What I Read in February || 2020

20/100: 4 books ahead of schedule – Goodreads~ So, February has ended. I turned 25 and that was it… it just ended 😂 I didn’t read as much as I wanted this month, but I felt very tired and just unmotivated to read. I did end up reading 8 books which is still great! WHAT…… Continue reading What I Read in February || 2020

What I Read In December || 2019

Congrats! You have read 116 books of your goal of 100! – Goodreads A lot of these books are rather short and were super quick to get through so when I counted them up I was amazed with having read 15 books haha 😂 Last month I read the first book in the Blue Bloods…… Continue reading What I Read In December || 2019