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Love is 4 walls
너로 채운 Mirror mirror

The end is here! This is both a sad and happy occasion for. I’m sad I won’t be making them and happy that I was able to stick through and get these out every single week ♥

I’ve listened to so many classics and nostalgic songs to when I discovered kpop ♥ A lot of great ones are in this top 10!

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10. Primary feat. ChoA & IRON, “Don’t Be Shy” (2, 2016) 

I did a review of this song for my spooky kpop reviews in October last year, so if you want more thoughts, check it out here

This song is sung by ChoA and IRON (trash), while produced by Primary. ChoA’s vocals are so chill and fit the underlying reggae tones of the song. The mv is has a 90’s lesbian witch vibe that I’m all here for ♥

I will say, I don’t like IRON, and even if I did, I don’t like what he brings to this song. His lyric portion are not great and don’t fit with the song in general.

““Don’t Be Shy” is as haunting as it is captivating, and it is paired with a seance of a music video to match. The unique style of “Don’t Be Shy” made it an instant underrated classic, with its spooky groove serving up a timeless sonic experience.”T.H.

9. f(x), “4 Walls” (4 Walls, 2015)

I have reviewed this song and mv, so for more of my thoughts from a while back, check it out here

f(x) are my children (for someone who doesn’t want any, I have a lot of them 😂). They are incredibly talented and incredibly ignored by SM. They have such potential and it’s not like they don’t have popularity, SM just don’t seem to care. I love Red Velvet, don’t get me wrong, but a lot of their vibe is f(x)-ish.

4 Walls is somewhat disappointing in the first few listens, at least it was for me, because I was expecting a lot more considering the previous comebacks. However, it was the first song released after Sulli left the group, so I can see why this route was taken. And I certainly appreciate it more now.

About the song, J.M.K. says that “there’s a current of anxiety underneath the surface of “4 Walls.” It’s there in the enigmatic lyrics, the undulating sub-bass, the fidgeting garage house beat.”

Remember to be kind online ♥

8. BIGBANG, “Bad Boy” (Alive, 2012)

Bad Boy is such old school Big Bang! Also, I’s like everyone to appreciate TOP in this video giving up solid visuals ♥.♥

While, this isn’t a Big Bang song I would pick out first, I can definitely see why it’s so high up on this list. This style is iconic for Big Bang and their vibe. There are still elements from Bad Boy that we have seen throughout their career.

J.B. expresses that “Co-written and produced by leader G-Dragon, “Bad Boy” is a prime example of the star’s ability to tap into a dynamic yet moving style with the mellow, near-melancholic delivery tempered with hum-along-to melodies and relatable lyrics.”

Seungri is still a piece of shit and should be in jail. Didn’t want to leave without reminding everyone~

7. BTS, “Blood, Sweat & Tears” (Wings, 2016) 

I might be the only person who hasn’t heard or seen this song 😅 Always with the times me~

This is definitely my favourite song I’ve heard from BTS! Everything about the vocals is strong and smooth. The music is also well tempo-ed and fun. It has a sort of Spanish/Latin American undertones in places which is cool.

Also Big Hit out here giving all their money for these MV stages and effects! The last few minutes were… certainly unexpected and artistic. I think BTS is big on narratives right? Correct me if I’m wrong.

L.S. a far more educated person has this to say about Blood, Sweat & Tears: “The midas touch to this was, of course, the gloriously luxuriant music video, drawing upon biblical and literary motifs to show us how temptation lures us to fall from grace — which was paralleled by the decidedly mature, borderline sensual looks the members sported. Lush, emphatic, and captivating, “Blood, Sweat & Tears” might have been the last calm before BTS took the world by storm.”

6. SHINee, “Sherlock (Clue + Note)” (Sherlock, 2012)

My children! SHINee have been on list list several times and have deserved it every single time ♥ My talented idiots shining! That’s what I live for 😂

Sherlock is a SHINee classic. It’s a culmination of all their strong vocals, incredible dance skills and what makes them so special – their ability to be different and creative with their music. “K-pop’s approach to genre-bending often gets called “Frankensteinian” — but SHINee takes that description literally. Their ninth single is a remix splicing two B-sides that leap-frog across the song structure.” — C.K.

This group is outstanding with what it brings to the table and Sherlock was one of the starting points. I miss them a lot ♥ OT5 ♥

5. Girls’ Generation, “I Got a Boy” (I Got a Boy, 2013)

You can’t have a top 10 and not have SNSD! I wasn’t expecting I Got a Boy, but I’m happily surprised! This is a timeless bop!

There isn’t a single voice in SNSD that I dislike and they are always used well together. This concept was also a lot of fun and cooler than some of the previous vibes. The chorus is also incredibly catchy and fun to sing despite not actually having a boy 😂

About the styles, C.K. puts it very succinctly by saying “each section has its own sound, and the abrupt transitions break the boundaries between hip-hop, rock, and electro-pop. The pop behemoth’s playful relationship to BPM is echoed by Jessica’s immortal words: “let’s bring it back to 140.” The elasticity of this career-defining anthem goes to show that K-pop can be anything, sometimes all at once.”

These 9 goddesses will always have a well earnt strong position in kpop history and I always look forward to what each is doing (together and with their solo careers)

4. 2NE1, “I Am the Best” (2NE1, 2011)

Again, this song was a guaranteed top 10 song for a top 10 group!

2NE1 are Queens and just like SNSD are solidified in kpop history as being one of the best. Every one and their dog knows this song, and we all love it. If you don’t, sorry but you’re lying to yourself 😂

I Am the Best is a confident pop song from one of the coolest girl groups out there. Each member brings their all to this song, both vocally and visually. Is it my favourite song of theirs? No. Is it the most iconic? Absolutely!

M.M. has this to say: “Before “Gangnam Style” galloped onto the global stage, 2NE1’s “I Am the Best” defined K-pop for Internet denizens who, under the girl group’s tutelage, came to know the Korean industry as sleek and styled to the nines. Undeniably iconic, “I Am the Best” will always be the track that bulldozed into our lives and pulled so many of us into the wondrous world of Korean pop.”

3. INFINITE, “The Chaser” (INFINITZE, 2012) 

This is definitely Infinite’s most well known and popular song. I’m not too fussed about the song, I’m more amazed by the choreography and the group’s synchronisation. The chorus will always be good because I heard it a lot when I started to get into k-pop and variety.

I’m also more familiar with a lot of the member’s solo work. Maybe I should go back and listen to some more Infinite because I’ve forgotten a lot of their stuff ♥

T.H. explains that “As near to perfection as any human creation can be, this K-pop classic spends its time reflecting the emotional turmoil of someone unable to move on, infusing a sense of staid fury into its groovy strings and pounding, synthesizer-fueled melody.” They also go on to say that because of the “pristine, layered production” The Chaserscatters nuanced sonic elements around each and every beat, with something new to discover in its depth upon each new listen.”

2. Red Velvet, “Red Flavor” (The Red Summer, 2017)

With all the more recent comebacks and cooler concepts, I forgot this existed. Yet, when I clicked on it I instantly started singing along! This song really was a super fun summer track with one of the catchiest choruses of all time!

J.M.K explains that Red Flavor “was such an undeniable hit since day one and remains ever-beloved by fans worldwide — it overflows with an exuberance that’s palpable from the very first second.”

They also go on to say that this song “features moments of sweet repose that lead to a final, heartfelt confession that the “summer flavor” they adore so much is “you.” In three short minutes, Red Velvet make tangible the most ineffable of things: love.”

This song still highlights each members vocals and their strong qualities with certain changes in tempo and musicality. It can’t be denied that Red Velvet are an well rounded and talented group ♥

1. IU, “Good Day” (Real, 2010)

My dumb brain wasn’t expected IU to be no.1, but J.B. puts it so well by saying that “as the decade comes to an end, the name IU has become synonymous with descriptions like “unbeatable chart-topper” and “fearless artist” in Korea.” And in the last couple of years, her sound and vibe have also grown and I’m always excited to see what she brings out next ♥

It was Good Day that really brought IU to the attention of the nation and started her on the path to becoming such a well known and celebrated artist. It highlights her strong, clear and beautiful vocals, while also having a cute and quirky quality.

“A song like IU’s “Good Day” defines this decade not only because it speaks specifically to the 2010s, but because it speaks to any decade and ultimately lets musicality take center stage. Strip away the chart success, the visuals, the media hype, the videos, and the choreography — what needs to be left is a game-changing song, sung by the right artist.” J.B.

And that’s it! That’s the 100 Greatest Songs of the 2010’s according to Billboard. We had some ups and we had some downs, but I hope you enjoyed going through this list with me.

Did you see your faves? Was there a group or artist you think deserved to be included? Let me know in the comments ♥

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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